Friskies-Cat-CelebrityWe all know that the internet was made for cat videos, so it makes total sense that as a result, we have a new category of celebrities – the Cat Celebrity! Have you heard of Grumpy Cat, Nala Cat or Oskar The Blind Cat? What about Tara Hero Cat? Our friends over at Friskies put together the definitive guide to the most influential kitty celebrities on the web so you can keep track of who’s who and which cat will be the next big thing! The Friskies 50 is an index of the most influential cats on the Internet, based on each cat’s social reach and engagement across an array of social accounts. See the full list at where you can see the arrows displayed beside each cat’s position which indicate upward or downward movement from the previous month and a gold star indicates a first time appearance on the Friskies 50. Also, if you know a cat that should be in the Friskies 50, you can nominate them by typing in their name! Check out the fun at