We love that PeoplePets.com helps pets get adopted by featuring them on their uber-popular website! Today, they’d like you to meet Jackson, a Lhaso Apso mix who’s looking for an adoptive home to love — a very special dog-experienced Valentine! The 5-year-old pooch has traveled far from the Los Angeles park where he was found wandering in 2009. Thanks to a network of animal rescuers, he’s currently in Vancouver, Canada awaiting his forever home. It’s taken some time, but the anxious pooch, who is believed to have had a traumatic past, has made great strides building his confidence with anti-anxiety medication and training. His foster mom, Alexis Adams, founder of the Penny Foundation Dog Rescue Society, is looking for someone familiar with his breed to adopt him. Blind in one eye, apparently due to trauma to his head, Jackson has been known to bare his teeth and growl when he feels threatened. He needs a patient owner who will make him feel safe and accept his idiosyncrasies.  You can read all about Jackson and see his story on PeoplePets.com right here!