Today, the world’s oldest dog turns 21.  Chanel, a dachshund who lives with her owner on Long Island, NY, wears goggles to protect her cataracts and long ago faded from red to grey.  She still is a much-beloved family member, though, treasured every bit as much today as she was when she was adopted from a shelter in Virginia as a puppy.

Every dog should be as lucky as Chanel.  In an idea world, all dogs would have a warm, safe home in which to grow old.  All dogs would have a loving family to take care of them in their later years.  Unfortunately, through a variety of circumstances, many senior dogs end up in the animal shelter.  Sometimes their owners, also elderly, must move to a care facility that doesn’t accept pets.  Sometimes, owners can no longer afford to care for a dog that needs age-related medical procedures or medication.  Sadly, in some cases the owners simply want a newer, younger dog.  It’s tragic, but true.

In honor of Chanel, let’s make today Adopt a Senior Dog Day!  Seniors make wonderful companions and they have so much love to give.  Please go to the “Search Dog” page, enter in your zip code, and select “senior” from the age menu.  Find a wonderful senior dog in your area.  If you can’t adopt that sweetheart yourself, post a link to the dog’s information page on Facebook, Twitter him/her out to your followers, or simply email a link to all your friends.  Let’s get those beautiful seniors out of the shelter and into the loving homes they so richly deserve!