Oskar the Blind Cat - Mother Nature Reunion (Featuring Klaus) There are so many incredible pet-related videos on YouTube these days, it’s hard to know which ones to watch!  Here are our picks for this month’s favorite videos: 1) Since Oskar the Blind Cat was adopted he has spent every day indoors. But when his family taught him and his brother Klaus how to walk with a harness, they decided it was time to let them explore the warm outdoors again. Watch their reunion with Mother Nature! 2) ) Our intrepid reporter Katya brings you all the (hilarious) news from the dog park!  If you like “The Onion”, you’ll love Dog Park News.  3) A beautiful video and song that celebrates the incredible loyalty and unconditional love that dogs give us.  Make sure you have a tissue handy when you watch “Dog is God Spelled Backwards”!     4) Watch this adorable video of little Hank the Doxie, who is currently waiting for a forever home, as he and gigantic pal Emmitt play and kiss!

Check out our YouTube channel!  By the way, If you create your own videos you can easily promote pet adoption by adding an annotation like “Looking for a new best friend? Check out www.AdoptaPet.com!” Thanks for helping us spread the word about pet adoption.

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