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If you are seeing a dog here, Then YES it is available. 

We immediately take down dogs profile as soon as adopted.


TWe feel that we have a duty to protect these animals going forward, thus to adopt we require an application, adoption process & adoption fees.  Your Adoption fees are then turned around and utilized to help rescue another unfortunate castaway and provide for the medical needs of the many other formerly unwanted pets we help.

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Boxer Rescue VT Adoption Application

 NOTE_Application is “old-school thus it can not be filled out online,  Please follow the link, Download Application, print it out, complete with pen & sign, Scan it and save completed form as PDF titled with “yours & pet’s names”, then please send that PDF file attached to a cover letter email where you introduce us to yourself and all the members of your household; Your intro email should be where you tell us about your home, neighborhood, all past and present pets, type of activities you share with your pets or will share with pet if approved to adopt, let us know ages of children, tell us the type of life a pet would have if adopted by you, how often would you spend time with it, what activities would you share with pet, who would be in charge of feeding, walks, excercise, cleanup, and who would take care of pet if you went on vacation, tell us why you would be the best match for this particular pet or type of pet… be sure you include your name, address and all phone numbers in the email introduction that accompanies your application and proof pets allowed where you live

(Even though your name, address and phone numbers are listed in the application we still want it  to see it in the email introducton

that accompanies application and proof pets allowed where you live)

Please put your name and the dog are interested inand your location in the subject of your email.

Please remember to put your name, address and phone numbers in the body of the email that accompanies the application and intro note, Sometimes we can’t read people’s hand writing so if you type it into an email will be sure and be able to get back to you 

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Please note, we are run by part time volunteers so replies from us may not be as fast as you’d like.  Our inbox gets tons of Email daily so occasionally we do overlook email messages.  Please feel free to resend the email and application if it’s been a couple days since you wrote us or sent application and you want to be sure we recieved your message.Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued pet today!