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My name is Danielle Catri. My boyfriend and I adopted “Garfield” and “Jay” from you in April and July. We renamed Garfield Saul and Jay Paul when then moved in with us! It took a few days but the quickly became best friends and brothers. They are always together. A few play fights here and there. They seriously complete our home (and make it a mess)
Best Regards,

Danielle and Rick

Mello3Mello2Mello1On December 13, 2014 I lost my baby JD to cancer. It was a very hard time for me and I found joy in visiting shelters and adoption events to spend time with the cats. On December 20th I met my boy Mello at Petco in Howell and I knew that my life would never be the same.  Mello was a VERY skittish and scared little boy.  My household consisted of 3 other cats and two dogs so I had a fear of bringing a scared boy to this household.  After many talks with his foster mom Louise I decided to take the chance and adopted Mello on January 10th.  It took a LONG and hard month to get everyone used to each other and to get Mello out of the bathroom sink and I never gave up. Mello today is the most funny, cutest cat I’ve ever had and is the king of the castle.  Mello has become is big brother Boots shadow and he absolutely adores him. I thank god everyday that I met Sara and the rest of the girls at CACR, they are all very special ladies and have become great friends.  I love them all so much.  Thank you CACR for all that you do and for saving so many babies you truly provide joy to us adopters :) 


My wife and I started looking for a kitten earlier this year. We began our search online through a local pet finding website because we really wanted to adopt a kitten in need of a home, rather than purchase one from a breeder. After looking through a few photos, we found one that my wife thought was cute. We quickly put an application in hoping that we would get approved before the little guy found another home. The application process from Calling All Cats was very thorough. They wanted to know exactly what we were looking for in a furry friend, as well as all the pertinent details about our growing family (our son was 6 months old at the time). Once we submitted an application, we received a very quick response. They let us know that although the kitten we liked was still available, but they didn’t think he was a good fit for our family due to the baby. They didn’t think the kitten’s temperament would jive with having a baby around, but they let us know that they had plenty of other kittens that would fit what we were looking for. They invited us to come to a local Petco to meet the kittens in person. We were extremely excited over this response. Not only does Calling All Cats care about getting their cats a home, they want to make sure it’s the right home. A home where both we and the kitten would bond in the right way. My wife and I picked a day and went to Petco to meet the kittens. The service we received was outstanding. We were allowed to hold all of the kittens they felt would do well in a home with a baby. There were kittens  of all ages and sizes to really see who we bonded with. Being able to be so up close and personal with the lovable fluff balls really let us feel confident in this big decision. In no time at all we fell in love with two kittens, Perry (who we renamed Percy), and Blake. Percy (9 months old) and Blake (6 months old) were foster brothers and seemed pretty much inseparable, so we knew that we had to take them both. From the first moment I held Percy in my arms and he started nuzzling me and kissing my face they were ours. We had to wait a few days for the paperwork to finish before we could take them home, but Calling All Cats even made that process easier by allowing us to pick them up at a foster home instead of trekking back to the Petco. When we got them home they immediately bonded not only with us, but our son as well. He was just beginning to crawl so he would make his way over to them and hug them and they would nuzzle him right back. They were a perfect fit for our growing family. A few months later, we got the itch for another one (I’m sure you other cat owners know what I’m talking about). It was kitten season, so there was plenty to choose from. We contacted Cerise, who had been wonderful throughout our first adoption, and she immediately let us know that since we were previous adopters we were already approved to take home another little one. Even though they were the size of our hand we still got to hold them all and see which one had the personality we were looking for. We found one that we fell in love with pretty quickly (an orange kitten we named Auggie) and put a deposit down on him. This process was a little different since he was so young. They let us know that they like them to be a certain weight before they send them home, so we had to wait a few weeks before he could come home with us. Although waiting for anything (especially in this day and age) is agonizing, we received updates from Cerise several times a week about Auggie’s status. Being kept informed like that was a level of service tough to find anywhere else. When we finally got the call to take him home, he fit in perfectly with both Percy and Blake as well as our son. Each one of the three cats has a different personality and each one fits our family in the most unique ways, and all three are perfect for a home with a child. They never look to scratch or bite him, even when he is tackling them to the ground. They have a ton of energy, and with the three of them running around with our now 14 month old son, they have taken over the house. More importantly, they have taken over our hearts as well. Calling All Cats truly made both experiences a joy to be a part of. You can truly see how much they care about the cats they foster, and how well they provide for them. What truly made the experience special though is how much they care about the families they send the cats home with. They know how special the relationship is between an owner and a cat, and they have a unique way of nurturing that relationship so that from beginning to end you feel as if you are really adding another member of the family. Even after the adoption experience ends, they are still there for our family. The neutering and rabies shot was included, and they make that process as easy as possible, working with your schedule. We sometimes even bug them with questions about cat care and they have always been quick with an answer. I know that there are a lot of places to find a cat out there, but it will be hard to find one that will provide as wonderful an experience as we received with Calling All Cats.

Chris, Dana & Chase


CinnamonCinnamon was dumped on the steps of the spay clinic and and spent quite a few months in the rescue.  Week after week she went to adoption events and was passed over because she did not present well.  When the Albert family came looking to add to their family, Cinnamon picked them!  She reached her paw out of cage, begging their daughter to please not walk by; to please love her.  As you can see this pair is absolutely insepterable!

“We adopted our sweet girl, Cinnamon, in March, 2015.  She had a bit of a rough patch in getting used to her furever home and new dog sister, but we didn’t give up, as we knew she hadn’t had the easiest time of it in her short life.  Our patience was rewarded with the sweetest, most lovey kitty.  We are so lucky she is part of our family and love her to pieces!”~~~The Albert Family