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Finance pet treatment with Vetary and give back to our pet shelter!

Our mission is to help the pets and people in MA and now most states by providing resources for training, education, care & help to the people & pets in need. By helping people find the right resources for their pets needs, we hope to end the population of homeless, abused, neglected and forgotten animals. We are here to help make a difference!

Our Services:

* Help you find the right trainer for you and your dog.

* Speak out about Animal Cruelty and Awareness at events, schools or wherever you would like us to help educate the public.

*  Provide help with finding low cost veterinary care resources.

*  Provide educational services and advice to people who are looking to surrender a pet. We can help you with this big decision and offer services for you and your pet. Maybe you really don’t need to surrender him or her.

* Provide an honest team to our community and yours!