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Your donation is greatly appreciated. The only way we can survive and save more lives is with your support. You can also send a check made to findahomegiveahome Pet Rescue to PO Box 163 Ft Myers Beach Fl, 33931. or you can send the donation via your Pay Pal Account. Make sure you choose the option “FRIENDS AND FAMILY” so we don’t get charged a fee. You can use our email address “pets@findahomegiveahome.com” when setting it up the donation in Pay Pal. 

There are many other ways to support the great cause. You can volunteer and help us each month when we have our event in Santini Plaza. You can also FOSTER which is so important to us. If you have any gift certificates you would like to give us for our raffle, please send them to the PO Box above. We would raffle them up in one of our events. See you soon!!