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My Story

My name is Finn-
We rescued this very sweet boy a week ago and he is doing so well. He was a stray and end it up in a kill Shelter where we took him from. He was just terrified there. It seems many cattle dogs are not doing so good in that environment. He is only 2years old (might be a little younger) and weight 35LBS. The Shelter evaluated him and thought he would be great. He s a very handsome boy. We found a very nice foster Mom who knows about Cattle dogs and she is very impressed with him. Every day he is doing better and better. The first time he was free at her house he went and ran very fast everywhere on her yard. It was like ' I am free, I am alive' Amazing to see that burst of freedom. He is a total sweetheart and wants to be close to you. Just look at his eyes. You need to know the breed to appreciate these dogs. They are fantastic and are working dogs. Finn will need a fenced yard and can go in doggie day care which is very good for him. He seems he would be very happy with good exercise and lots of LOVE. He has been going to doggie day care a few time where is socialize with other dogs and learn manners. He is coming along so nicely. we actually got an update from where he goes and he is a social butterfly!! absolutely loves it. Great with other dogs and such a good boy!!! Please fill out the application online at www.findahomegiveahome.com his adoption fee is $230.00 and he is neutered, microchip and vaccinated. No young children due to the breed. Thanks for saving a life!!!

Adoption Process

All our pets are fully vetted and in some cases come with training. Adoption fees may vary depending on the pet. If you are interested in meeting one of our pet, please fill out our adoption questionnaire on our site under "Helpful links"
Please don't hesitate to contact us via email. We try very hard to make sure we match the right home with the right pet. We do a home visit. Hope to hear from you. thanks for adopting!!