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My Story

This is an exceptional dog! This was first love at first sight!! Somehow we wanted to save him and make sure he had a second chance. There are some dogs in life who you know will be the most gentle, friendly, handsome. A dog who gets along with everyone including well behaved children, people, cats and other dogs as well.
Kooper is fostered in a family with small dogs, 2 children and a cat. Our Rescue do adopt very very rarely to family with children however we do fill comfortable to do so with Kooper. He was found on the street in West Palm Beach and end it up in a Shelter where he had a behavioral test and passed with glorious marks.
He is around 60LBS. We received from the beginning only compliments and we are so surprised Kooper end it up on the street and no one came from him.
Kooper is heart worm positive and will need to go through the treatment witch is not dangerous for him. The treatment is included in the adoption price or you could have your veterinarian do it also at your expense. Our veterinarian is located in Ft Myers and will need to be brought there end of August. we can understand it might be scary and you may feel concern about it but in over our 9 years of Rescue we did treat over 1/2 of our dogs and we never lost one due to the treatment. Heartworm prevention is very important and we do require excellent veterinarian references when you adopt. Thanks for your understanding and if you are interested in adopting this gentle dog who loves to listen to bed stories and loves to cuddle please fill out an application online at www.findahomegiveahome.com
His adoption fee is $295 and is neutered and microchip.

Adoption Process

All our pets are fully vetted and in some cases come with training. Adoption fees may vary depending on the pet. If you are interested in meeting one of our pet, please fill out our adoption questionnaire on our site under "Helpful links"
Please don't hesitate to contact us via email. We try very hard to make sure we match the right home with the right pet. We do a home visit. Hope to hear from you. thanks for adopting!!