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My Story

Fun, playful, handsome, adorable and much more..... This is the story of a little guy with long legs who looks like a cafe Latte!!. We saw him at first at the Miami Shelter alert when he needed help. He was very scared there and was trembling in the back of the cage and would not move. Then about a month later we decided to give him a chance and took him in our Rescue. No regrets for this guy. He is absolutely gorgeous especially when he princes around on his walk. He is healthy and would play with dogs he can find. We have a 5LBS at home and he goes at it all day long. He also plays with our 55 LBS Lab and that is hysterical. What a trip he is.
He needs to be in an active home, kids are welcome but he is at first shy and then open up. He will need some socialization and go everywhere with you to build his confidence. He is crate trained and but would not leave him in one too long. He listen and catch up pretty fast. The exercise is the key. He loves to jump on the bed and on the sofa and chase the other dogs. He is going to be a great little dog for someone. He is 16LBS.
Please fill out the application on line at www.findahomegiveahome.com if you are interested in this fun guy!!!

Adoption Process

All our pets are fully vetted and in some cases come with training. Adoption fees may vary depending on the pet. If you are interested in meeting one of our pet, please fill out our adoption questionnaire on our site under "Helpful links"
Please don't hesitate to contact us via email. We try very hard to make sure we match the right home with the right pet. We do a home visit. Hope to hear from you. thanks for adopting!!