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My Story

Dottie was going to be euthanized but we decided to save her and bring her in this area to be fostered. One of our volunteer went to see her and was in a kennel in between two big dogs. She came to the front of the cage and with the barking she got scared and ran in the back of her cage on her bed, scared!!! You can see it on the pictures she has her tail tugged between her legs. She is a mix and the shelter thinks she is a Dachshund mix. She is believed to be 4 years old and was a stray. She is 15 LBS. 'Dottie is an intact female Chihuahua/Dachshund type mix who is about 4 year old and is 15 pounds. She has a left sided fractured pelvis that will likely heal with cage rest. HW negative. She is now in foster care in Naples with other dogs and she is doing great. Can be adopted as an only dog or not, either way she loves the company. More pictures available upon request. A note from her foster Mom: ' Who is looking for the PERFECT DOG ? Dottie is a 'dream dog' . She loves to snuggle and simply melts into your arms . She wants to be with you all the time , her human is her world.She is calm , sweet and obedient and does not shed.I am very sure that she is housebroken although it s hard to say 100% yet ,because she is on cage rest until her hip heals up, but she never soils her cage and when I let her out she goes right to the door and pees and poops outside and comes back in . She is a dominant female but gets along with other dogs ,however she does not need them for her happiness . She knows exactly what she wants and she is a spoiled little princess - be prepared : only the softest fluffiest blankets will do.She is a squeaky toy serial killer though ... And she definitely expects to sleep in your bed - unfortunately with her medical condition that is not possible right now ( too dangerous) . The highlight of her day is when I put her on my lap and watch tv with her all curled up and snuggling away . _ until her pelvis heals it is imperative that you have her under tight control whenever you let her out of the cage _ only few steps are allowed and when you have her on your lap you have to have your arms around her at all times- a jump could have devastating effects on her healing progress. The person she is looking for should be just like herself very loving , caring and have a lot of time to spend with her. A fenced yard( toad safe ) would be great.' if you are interested you can still fill out an application for her at www.findahomegiveahome.com.

Adoption Process

All our pets are fully vetted and in some cases come with training. Adoption fees may vary depending on the pet. If you are interested in meeting one of our pet, please fill out our adoption questionnaire on our site under "Helpful links"
Please don't hesitate to contact us via email. We try very hard to make sure we match the right home with the right pet. We do a home visit. Hope to hear from you. thanks for adopting!!