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Flatbush Cats is a TNR-focused cat rescue organization focused on reducing and managing the large community/feral cat population in our Brooklyn neighborhood. 

We’re just two volunteers with day jobs doing what we can. That often means we might be slow to respond, or unable to support many types of requests for TNR and foster support. If the FAQs below don’t answer your question, feel free to get in touch. 

Q: Which areas do you support? 

A: Mainly Flatbush (ex. 11226 zip code). Our goal is to build up a TNR and volunteer network for this area. 

Q: There are some cats on my street or backyard that need to be spayed/neutered. Can you help?

A: Sorry, we’re busy working on the cats in our area. But we can help you help them. The first step is to take the free, one-hour trap, neuter, return (TNR) online certification class here. After you’ve taken the class, please feel free to contact us for tips and guidance. 

Q: There is a litter of kittens nearby. Can you help get them adopted?

A: Because so many cats need help and our resources are limited, it’s not possible for us to come trap or rescue cats from your area. But we will gladly offer support as you take control of the situation. 

If you are in Flatbush, please send us an email with the following info: your exact location, photos of cats, description of all cats in the area/colony, and if you’re able to provide fostering or transport. 

If you’re not in Flatbush, please do a Google and Instagram search to find local rescues in your area and contact them. In many cases a TNR/rescue group might not exist yet – that’s what happened to us and why we exist! 

Q: OK I took the TNR class! Can you help me get started? 

A: Yes! If you’re in or near Flatbush, we’re happy to provide mentoring support and help you get started. 

Please join our Brooklyn TNR Facebook Group for support. 

We’d love to help people from all over, but need to prioritize. 

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We accept donations through PayPal to help cover vet costs and food/supplies.

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