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My Story

Ava makes biscuits for everyone in the morning, stretches out on the couch for long afternoon naps, and enjoys a nutritious dinner in her very own bowl. She responded very well to antibiotics, and appears to have one (1) tooth. Once the vet decides she is stable and has enough strength, they’ll spay her and drain the fluid sack in her belly, which is likely related to broken ribs that healed over time. In the meantime, we love to see a strong appetite and fighting spirit! We believe Ava is ready for the VIP life, and will do best as an only pet.

Adoption Process

Potential adopters meet with us and the cat(s) either at our home or an adoption event. Potential adopters complete a simple adoption application, which we review and approve. If all parties are in agreement on the adoption we set a time to deliver the cat(s) to the adopter's home. Upon receiving the cat(s), adopters are asked to sign an adoption contract and for a tax-deductible donation fee of $125 per cat (or $175 per pair). Adopters are emailed all vet records and related forms.