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My Story

Barley is a retired bodega cat who was put out on the streets and unable to defend himself. He’s not even two years old yet, but has had quite a wild life and is ready to settle down! According to the colony caretaker that rescued him, he was being beat up by other male cats, and recently tested FIV+ as a result. Unfixed males fight constantly over territory, this is a big source of serious injuries and one of the primary ways FIV (feline immunododeficiency virus) can spread. Once male cats are neutered, they are less aggressive due to decreased hormone production, and significantly less likely to spread or receive FIV through fighting. As many of you know, cats with FIV can live long, healthy and happy lives provided they receive routine vet care. A sterilized FIV+ cat can live with other cats who are negative with minimal to no risk of infection. Barley is a very tender boi and much better suited for pampered indoor VIP life! Given his young age, we’re hoping to find him a home with another friend, but will also accept solo applications from folks who could be home with him a lot.

Adoption Process

Potential adopters meet with us and the cat(s) either at our home or an adoption event. Potential adopters complete a simple adoption application, which we review and approve. If all parties are in agreement on the adoption we set a time to deliver the cat(s) to the adopter's home. Upon receiving the cat(s), adopters are asked to sign an adoption contract and for a tax-deductible donation fee of $125 per cat (or $175 per pair). Adopters are emailed all vet records and related forms.