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Update for 2018: Recently Susanne Spirit, celebrated Country Music Artist, and best friend, partner, and love, Michael Twamley, has changed the name of Musical Trucking Dogs to Greenland Holler Pets in order to celebrate family heritage. The names Greenland and Holler each come from Susanne Spirit’s grandparents, and have been chosen to honor their memory and the influence that they’ve had upon many lives. These dogs are just a few of the babies at Sanctuary.

(Sanctuary)                         (Heidi and new sister)                (Bronx,needs help)                   (Stardust)

Greenland Holler Pets Musical Truckin Dogs is an animal rescue sanctuary created by Susanne Spirit and Michael Twamley,  Their passion for saving injured, abused and neglected dogs has been life-long.  Recently Susanne Spirit and Michael Twamley, has changed the name of Musical Trucking Dogs to Greenland Holler Pets in order to celebrate family heritage. And the Sanctuary grows daily. 

(Goofy-Doofy)                                    (Momma)                                              (Spooner) 


(St.Michael and Chanel)                        (Brownie)                                              (Chanel) 


When these two passionate people first began dog rescue, Susanne was under contract with Travel Centers of America for over 22 years to entertain the truckers with her music and her band, the Greenland Holler Outlaws. Susanne and Michael, Production and Engineer Manager, have been saving the lives of pets through their Musical Trucking Dogs program saving thousands of dogs. They began mostly adopting to long haul truckers who travel the highways and have adopted over 8000 animals. Their efforts have rescued the lives of numerous shelter, death row, medically ill dogs, and personal intake animals (where people are in a crisis and cannot keep their animals.) These two animal caring people feel a lifetime responsibility to keep the sanctuary doors open for all those once endangered animals and for the folks who so lovingly adopt them.

(Grace O’Malley)                                  (Paris)                                    (Babies; Whiskey Joe and Galileo)

IMG_8161 2IMG_5352IMG_8155

                Susanne Spirit and Michael Twamley’s Musical Dogs Rescue and Adoption Program, AKA Pooch Project, and Sanctuary specialize in Non-Traditional Dogs from high medical needs to emotionally harmed animals to babies and seniora; and they also are an Intake Sanctuary for personal people who are in a critical situation to save the live of their pet or pets.  Please contact us to REHOME your pet.
                                                                                                           Pooch Project.
Our Team of “Angels” Save Corona’s, Devore’s and other Southern California Shelters’ Animals and with special needs, especially “Death Row” and Sick Dogs who have little to no chance unless we come forward as a Group and Community to help. These dogs are in trouble . . . their medical needs are expensive, they are mostly seniors and require attention and medical needs, or have been starved, abused, left to die and need a lot of stability and love to heal. This is what we do as we save their lives, we take care of them until ready to find a good home, with your help. We also are an intake organization for the pets of people in our community who can no longer keep their pet/s. 

FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 6IMG_2095    Just a few of our very special babies saved recently. Read our Blog! 
Bon Jour, the toy poodle, his mouth infected with sores and dangling pus pockets. Cindy Lou, A ShihTzu whose eyes were embedded with her hair and badly infected causing her to almost become blind. And, Coquette, an 11 yr. old poodle that had nine huge tumors, and starved. We removed all tumors and she blossoms daily.  

SO . . . . . Do something extraordinary today: Donate to our Susanne Spirit’s Non-Traditional Musical Dogs Rescue and Adoption Assistance Program Today And Help  Save in our Sheltered Dogs with Medical Needs, Emotionally Unstable, Harmed, Seniors, And other Endangered Dogs Who Need Your Help Today. Thank You !!

About our Sanctuary: It is a peaceful place, also our home offering 24 hour care, an otium, where rescued animals are provided full medical attention with local specialty vets,  fresh chicken dishes and treats prepared by our Master Chef with care, playmates, soft and warm bedding, toys, and individual love while they heal from harm and other issues, rest until adopted and get to hear “The Music” play again. Each dog also get to hear KUSC.org classical musical throughout the day to relieve stress. 

We are building and desperately need  your help with building materials, 10×10 kennels, covering, sheds, and much more. Phone 909-208-6889, and set up an appointment to come visit to see how you can assist the growth to save more and more lives. Everyday each shelter calls us with animals who need to be rescued. Be a part of saving these precious helpless souls. 

Our Mission: To RESCUE, MEND, AND HEAL ALL SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SHELTER ANIMALS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: THE NON-TRADITIONAL DOGS! We rescue local behind the gate shelter dogs or in dire need of medical attention, or family dogs. Immediately our new dogs get taken to one of our vets of choice and we get the animal well. Sometimes we are not able to save them, but we give them everything we have to keep them alive and loved. Then when it is time, we adopt the doggies to families and long haul truckers from our rescue sanctuary farm or at one of our many local events. Our community involvement is enormous. We reach out to children, adults and our seniors, and those in our hospitals and nursing homes.

The kids Two of our babies, Jumbo and Kiki, Pom Chi brother and sister about 11 yrs. old, hanging out healing at the sanctuary! 

So many animals are harmed and completely neglected. Our mission is to save these absolutely helpless ones.  So many dogs are so neglected until rescued. A lab pit weighing in at 44 lbs, just bones, and ears filled with ring worm. They little girl is only 2 years old. She is saved now, and just blossoming.  This two yr. old Lab/Pit girl of ours weighed 44 lbs. and had ringworm in her ears . . . . she has blossomed beyond belief with her new parents . . . I know angels are everywhere around us who help these suffering dogs we save.

This is one of Gracie’s new parents and Gracie has five cat “sisters” who helped her heal.  Her new parents just love her so much! Love heals.

Events: With the gracious help of our local shelter we hold many events throughout our entire Corona community. Please call our office 909-208-6889 for each week’s agenda and to get an invitation, ask set up an appointment to come directly to our sanctuary to see a particular animal.  Most of our events are privately held, so you will need to be placed on a guest list.  

How We Began: Our beginning rescue mission saved over 8000 saved dogs for years at the Petro Truck Stop in Ontario, CA where over 2500 truckers from across this nation gather daily. Myself, Susanne Spirit, and my Greenland Holler Outlaw Band have played country blues music and many of my original songs for the TravelCenters of America truckers for probably 25 years. Eight years ago as we watched so many truckers having beautiful well cared for animals in their trucks, the idea began, it made sense to bring our community shelter death row babies directly to these highway people who need a companion and friend in those trucks, and our miracle rescue began, with truckers loving the odd man out, especially the pits, or sicker older dogs. Today our rescue makes history with our numbers saving dog lives, especially the non-traditional dogs with issues or medical problems. We are no longer at the truck stop as we have decided to do our work within our community, for many reasons. One primary factor is we have more control on the follow up of our dogs. If a dog gets lost, or their is any problem within the home where the animal has been adopted, we can easily get the dog back to us. 

Our Daily Job: When our rescue gets an adoption immediately a text goes to the Corona shelter that we have a open space, and can take on another suffering dog in need. The shelter faxes the paperwork. The following day they take the animal in their “Pet Mobiles” to our preferred Corona vets, Dr. Farrar or Dr. Ivan, or Anaheim Hills Yorba Regional Vet Hospital, and the dogs are picked up by us that afternoon and seen usually for the first time. after being fixed, given all shots, microchipped, and any medical needs taken care of as well. All needs are done at the expense of our rescue. Once at the farm the dog gets first kisses, then hot dish filled with fresh chicken, a warm soft bed, and peace of heart. He/she gets to hear the music probably for the first time in a long time, and many times for the first time in his whole life. When healthy, the dogs are brought in our “Pet Mobile” to a now local show at the truck stop, and the magic happens.  And, this holiday season we hope to put on stage plays while the adoption events take place within our bedroom community. All shows are family affairs, and by invitation. We hope you will become a regular visiting with us. Many of our local high volunteer most Sundays, and our goal, “Find our dogs the perfect home.” 

How Each Adoption Helps Another Animal: Every adoption allows us the room and funds to save another one’s life! However we do have requirements to take one of our babies: 1. Animals are free fed. 2. Animals will not be placed in any caging, but will be allowed in the home, and have free rein, and will be allowed to sleep with people in the home, i.e. kids or adults. 3. Dogs will be given real chicken and other great nutritional treats. 4. Dogs will Not Be Fed low-end foods or treats. 5. Dogs will not be left outside or on any kind of chains, etc. 6. That the home has someone there most of the times. Many of our animals can not be left alone all day. 

Our philosophy: We are not saving the animals to have them harmed according to how we believe. You can adopt from other places if the above rules are not for you. But since all our animals are non-traditional they require what we believe to be a warm and loving home at all times. 

Prices: Our prices vary according to each dog’s medical or other extra needs. Our average adoption fee is $350. But we try to work with everyone, and your ability to pay is a major factor in our hearts. So always speak to us, our only goal is to have monies to help the next dog, and to find the really RIGHT HOME for each special dog. Medical expenses are our biggest challenge, again, if you can DONATE please do! You can also simply phone our primary vet, Dr. Grace, 714-921-8700 and put funds on our Susanne Spirit private account, as the vet is where most of our monies have to go anyway.

Your gifts with your adoption: Each special adoption comes with Taste of the Wild food (a dear sponsor to our program), a harness, leash, toys, feeding and water bowls, blankets, toys, and other surprises such as beds sometimes, or other needs. 

More Information About Our Sanctuary Life: All you need for the animal is love! We do feed all our dogs HUMAN food, leave their dry food out at will, change water everyday, and hope you will too. When a dog arrives at our Shelter sick, distressed or in a condition that demands immediate medical care or we get that phone call from a family who can’t keep their pet, there is no time to waste, the situation demands urgency. Our policy is to take that animal without question, and we do. But our costs are enormous. 

IMG_2546   This little blubber had never had a toy before he got to our place. His gums were hanging down with infection when he arrived from the shelter. 

Our rescue farm and sanctuary, also our home, is impeccable. Every dog gets loved and cared for with fresh chicken, jasmine rice, veggies, Taste of the Wild dog food, huge cozy beds, and their medical needs met with Corona’s finest vets, Dr. Farrar, Dr. Ivan, and Dr. Michaels on call for us always. Every week we have four or more medical crisis situations needing nearly a thousand dollars to take care of the costs each. 

Examples: One  little guy terrier, Fletcher, 9 yrs. old, has severe  IBS and had blood pouring from his bowels when he arrived; Another sweetheart, Irving, toy long haired 12 yr. old chi has had to have his teeth removed as they were filled with debris and horribly infected, and he has kidney issues, needing dialysis weekly. But his frail body gets stronger everyday; someone kicked him in the ribs,  and hurt his back leg, and never fixed them, but he doesn’t care; he is an absolute angel, and we so grateful we get to see him smile and grow now;  And, LeahAnna’s, a young chocolate brown chi – mix. neck was kicked by previous owner, and entire inside of the  throat has to be fixed; And Marmalade, an 8 yr. yorkie/silky  terrier, bless her heart, has closed eye ducts, and a severe eye infection now being treated. She smiles now! So if you can help us to help all these loving animals, then you are their angel. We will do the work. Thank You! DONATE!