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The son of Little Buddy. This three year old, six pound dog will win your heart. He and Dad are available. Must be kept together.  So abused it was a nightmare, and now she is a princess.  IMG_7245
To introduce our program it is best to share with new adopters and supporters we have been saving shelter death row and medically ill dogs and personal intake animals where people are in a crisis and cannot keep their animals or ones found here in the Inland Empire for the last thirteen years. We began mostly adopting to long haul truckers who travel the highways with over 7000 of our rescued animals we have a lifetime responsibility to keep our doors open for all those once endangered animals and the folks who so lovingly adopted from us. 

Today, we are the Official Rescue Sanctuary for Petsmart Tustin District; and run an open seven days a week Sanctuary where animals are healed from medical issues, given fresh chicken, veggies and rice daily, and animals coming in with emotional or physical issues get to hear the music and find peace in their beings so that soon they can be adopted to wonderful families or individuals. 
On the Road Again . . . . says Forrest Gump and his Daddy. Twins with Mama Bear n Baby IMG_87071
The time has now come that we know feel we can best serve our local sheltered animals and personal dog intakes best by joining forces here locally with the likes of Tustin District Petsmart, and keeping the doors open at our Sanctuary so that no dog gets left behind.   We work with our local Corona Animal Control and Shelter, Devour Animal  Shelter, and now Orange County Animal Shelter,  and our City Council and well as each and every member of our community from business owners to residents. We are opening a Therapy Dog Program also with our Corona Regional Medical Hospital since we have so many senior dog miracles that we know will inspire any one sick to get well. 
Hair embedded so badly in her eyes that she lost most of her sight; all from neglect. Now available for adoption.  Eleven Year old little girl starved and had nine tumors. Went for her first groom today, and so proud of her. Available for Adoption.  Came to us an absolute mess.

We feel passionately that it is possible to keep our sheltered Animals protected no matter the medical needs and over crowding. We promise our community an open book policy, we dream big and celebrate with music as often as possible…. We have been published in many publications with our program has receiving high honors from many, but now is not the time to impress, now is the time to come forward along side our neighbors and reach, and exceed, our goals.

Here are two of our thousands of success stories. 

1. Little Buddy, 6 yrs., 6 lbs.,  and his son, Peanut Butter, 3 yrs., and 6 lbs. came from a drug raid. Both flea and worm infested, and Buddy’s  eye horribly infected. We could not save it, but he’s a trooper, and both are such great little guys. Please adopt Little Buddy and his son Peanut Butter, we want to keep them together. 
image_6image_11Came to us from a drug raid, his eye full of pus and infection. We had to have it removed, but he is a trooper. He and his son are available for adoption.  Little Buddy's son


2. Prince an American Eskimo came to us so sick. With 24/7 love, daily fresh chicken, and just tender care he now lives on the beach with the finest parents possible. It took us months to get him stable, and now he is just the apple of his parents’ eyes and hearts. 
Came to us an absolute mess.   Now he is a prince, living on the beach with awesome parents.  IMG_2994

Often our adoption fees exceed the cost of shelter fees, this is because we specialize in saving the dogs whose medical or special needs cannot happen without all of us coming to their aid… 

We encourage folks to continue adopting from our local shelter, especially those dogs and cats and other species who have no medical or special needs, after all an open kennel is two lives saved, especially if we get there in time. But we need your adoptions too. Our babies come from horrendous situations, and your adoptions allow us to take on another lost soul. 

And when a person phones panicked, “I have to give this dog up today!” We try to be there for them. There is no certain hours. Crisis moments come all hours of day or night; and we help, if at all possible. We do charge a fee; but everything depends on the situation. We are still always there! 

Our city has grown so very fast making it impossible for our shelter to handle this issue alone, we must all help, as time passes we will finish this website and update many links to new and old sites to give everyone great memories to call upon when needed… For now please come and see our doggies, hopefully some kitties too as always, our events are close by and we would love to see you there soon; or donate. Every dime helps us take on one more critical situation… Thank you!
We need donations, www.adoptapet.com/greenlandhollerpets/donate,  always for medical needs, and everyday care. Please donate and know you have done something extraordinary, or come visit us! Call our Doggie Hotline for information: 909-208-6889. 

Also call the Doggie Hotline if you have a dog you cannot keep, anytime. Leave a message; but also TEXT us on that line your situation.