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It is important for all viewer’s of this page to know, any photos that are alarming to see, are just the beginnings of how the dogs were received, they are all in excellent loving environments now and looking and feeling great. Here is a video of them all now. Click Here To View

Meet Little Buddy, a 7.3 lb., six year old, mini-pin toy chihuahua. He, his son, and sister came to us after our shelter found them in our Corona ghetto. Each baby was flea infested, teeth rotten with infection, starved, and now Little Buddy had to have his right eye removed, it was not possible to save from a lingering infection. But his surgery was done yesterday  January 15, 2015, and he is recuperating. It will be a two week process before he can play with others, or take off his hood. He’s sick, and we have to pick him up, rub him with warm washcloths, and just let him know that he is loved. His surgery cost: $832.10. We need your help to continue our work. Sign up monthly to contribute if you can. 

First two pictures are Little Buddy before his surgery: and the third one is today as he rests in his first class quarters, healing from all his pain now . . . .he’s a brave boy, and can be adopted anytime. 

IMG_4335 Lost his eye . . . . impossible to save. IMG_4367

Other current babies are an 11 yr. old beautiful Maltese, Coquette, with nine tumors, she was bones, but now ready for her real home, please consider adopting her; IMG_2100IMG_3107

Cindy Lou, a Shitzu whose eyes were embedded with her hair, and after three surgeries has lost some of her site, but again she is a trouper, and ready for a family now; FullSizeRender_3

And, Irving is a 12 yr. old long-haired chi whose kidneys are not their best, just spent $138 on his monthly blood panel, $48 on his special foods, and $67 on meds;  he now needs surgery, but he is so strong and loving, and again now ready for a real home; IMG_9864

Thank you for donating to our rescue program and sanctuary, we specialize in high medical needs and non-traditional dogs who have little to no chance of being saved from shelters and other programs because their costs are so high, and require special attention.  Thats what we do, with you at our side. We have been doing this specialized rescuing for over eleven years now, and work hand and hand with our Corona Animal Shelter. We can take the dogs that need extra help when the shelter finds them so desperate. Sometimes just love heals their wounds, and other times the medical is enormous, but when we get them adopted and you see them smile, or go to sleep in their new families arms, every bit of hardship is worth it. And sometimes we can’t fix them, but we give them all our love, great food, warm bedding, and a great life before they go to our Lord, and thats okay too. 

Our goal is to leave no shelter dog behind because of its medical costs, or issues, while we keep our local shelter as kill free as possible. Thank you! Our shelter is a holding facility, we are the safe haven for them to get back their health, or social needs, and are given time to heal until the right family is found. But we can’t do our job without your help.

Please DONATE NOW for all the babies now and forthcoming that will come to us. Your help keeps Little Buddy alive, we do the work. 

Susanne and Michael, Founders and Sanctuary Keepers of “Musical Truckin Dogs”. 

We rely heavily on the kindness and generosity of animal lovers to help us help the homeless animals of our Southern California. Your donations support every aspect of keeping these animals healthy and in a safe, humane environment.  See how a one-time or minimal monthly contribution can make a big difference the life of one of our precious rescued from being homeless pet:

DONATE TODAY . . . . You can also let us know if you want your funds to go to medical, housing, or toward a particular dog, you can also sponsor a dogs adoption fee. 

  • $10 pays for a soft and warm blanket for pets to sleep on during their short stay
  • $25 pays for a microchip, which helps return a lost pet to its home
  • $30 buys a session with a behaviorist to solve behavior problems
  • $40 can purchase a bag of quality dog food to keep our dogs healthy and well-fed
  • $5 per month (the equivalent of one cup of gourmet coffee a month!) provides a chew toy for a shelter dog

Donate now and help save the life of a companion animal!

Our Donation Wish List for Supplies


All donations can be dropped off at 19414 Dry Gulch Road, Corona, CA 92881


High Stools or Chairs (behind counter), Credit Card Machine/Register
Kitchen Size Garbage Can

Donation Jar/Container
Industrial Mat by front door
Clear Plastic 8″x11″ Plastic Display Holder Brochure Holder that can go on the wall


Framed Artwork (local school kids?) Chairs/ Benches
Potted Plants/ Tree
Large Cork Board

Dog Breed Poster

Cat Breed Poster
Children’s books about pets Books on Dog Breeds
Side Table


Desk Chair

Garbage Can
Desk Calendar
Digital Camera
Cork/Dry Erase Board
Filing Cabinet/s
Radio/CD Player
Basic First Aid Kit (Band Aids)


Large Potted Trees & Plants
Outdoor Water Dishes
Nozzle for hose
Umbrella or Awning for Shade

ROOFING for Kennels: Corrugated Roof Panels and 2×4 wood for foundation of roof.

Raised Beds
Blue Plastic Kiddie Pools


Sharpie Markers
Rubber Bands
Security Envelopes Manila Envelopes (Large) Clip Boards

Lined Notepads File Folders
File Cabinet Calculators Stapler

Tape Dispensers
Tape (Duct, Masking, Scotch)

Spanish/English Dictionary Zip Ties Large & Small Scissors


Wet/ Dry Shop Vacuums Hand Sanitizer (Pumps)

Black Garbage Bags Brooms
Dust Pans
Paper Towels

Cleaning Buckets Bleach
Plastic Sanitary Gloves Scrub Brushes
Air Freshner



Litter Boxes
Cat Tree
Cat Toys
Cat Beds
Dry Erase Board
Small to medium Animal Crates


Toilet Paper
Towel Dispenser, Soap Dispenser, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Brush, Small Waste Can


Tool Kit Paint

Orange Oil Spackle


6 to 8′ Chain Link Fence
Plywood Sheets (to place between kennels)
Plants for Landscaping
Flowers and plants for Landscaping Patio Tables & Chairs
Outdoor Benches


Sam’s Club, Petco, Petsmart, Smart & Final, Target, Staples, Home Depot, Lowe’s


Small Dog Beds
Crates (Small to Medium) Large Dry Erase Board Sliding Glass Door


Chairs Commercial Scale Treat Jar
Dog Breed Book Cat Breed Book


Raised Dog Beds

StainlessSteelWaterBucketsw/Handles Large Dry Erase Board
6×6 Chain Link Dog Runs with Tops


Laundry Detergent Bleach
Laundry Baskets


Industrial Garbage Cans Blankets
Whelping Box (Large) Whelping Box (Small)
Large Dog Crates (Travel) Medium Dog Crates (Travel) Small Dog Crates (Travel) Bird Cage

SmallRodentCage/AquariumwithLid Extra Xpens for Large Dogs
8′ Foldable Tables
Fold Up Chairs

Bath & Hand Towels

Extension Cords Refridgerator Microwave Paper Cups Grooming Tubs Flashlights

Step Stool
Radio/ CD Player Classical Music CDs


Toys, Balls, Kongs
Pooper Scooper
Scarves “Adopt Me” (All Sizes) Scoopable Cat Litter

LitterBoxScoopers, Disposable Litter Box Liners, Puppy Pads


Flea/Tick Treatment for Cats & Dogs (Frontline, Revolution or Advantage), Bordatella
Dog & Cat Shampoo

Grooming Scissors, Nail Clippers, Cotton Balls
Ear Wash, Aneseptic Cleaner, Muzzles (all sizes), Rubbing Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, 

Pet Medical Tape, Pet Q-Tips

Plastic Sanit
Plastic Sanitary Gloves
Grooming Brushes
Syringes for vaccines
Syringe Disposal Container Grooming Clippers
Whelping Box/s (different sizes) Grooming Tubs 


Thank you for helping to make lives better!