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Meet Holly Noelle, Sweetest Silky Terrier Little Girl. Came across the country to be saved.

From the French noël (Christmas), which is derived from the Latin n?t?lis (natal). The name is commonly bestowed upon children borne during the Christmas season. 

This angel was brought to us by a trucker who picked her up in Ohio. Another trucker called us and said their dog just had babies, they were in Iowa on way to Ohio and could not keep any of the angels. This Cowboy trucker,  a friend of ours for many years from me singing at the TravelCenters, paid, for over 22 years, three days a week,  said Im headed right to Ohio. Now he did have to take his new family of a Mommie Dog and her three newborns, home to Alabama, and if I remember right one of the babies was adopted right there when Cowboy’s wife said she would raise the family  until they were old enough to make the rest of the trip to California, but within weeks Michael met the guy in Bakersfield and that morning arrived Holly Noelle and her two little ones just in time for Christmas. 
noelle 2IMG_3297 2

Now Holly Noelle is ready for her own new home. Please consider adopting this angel. She is ALL GIRL and loves everyone. She missed her babies, and her soul has to be the sweetest angel we have ever had at the farm. 
In fifteen years of rescue the stories are endless, and hope to make a documentary shortly here, so the world can know the men and women of our country who step up so quickly to help animals that others are abusing, or simply cannot take care of newborns and a mom in a semi truck, and seek help. 

Text 909-208-6889 and tell us you are interested. Then go to www.adoptapet.com/greenlandhollerpets front page upper right and fill out our adoption application. Upon arrival we will make arrangements to have you come see her, and hopefully adopt her. We do not do house inspections, we don’t want an impeccably clean house, we want Holly Noelle to be able to sleep in your bed, or one of your children’s bed, and be on your couch. 

Take action today, she will go fast. This dog is available for adoption


When you see an animal suffering please, please, please do something. 

This dog was in hell until we got the phone call on him and his best friend, a female shepherd, so sick we could not save her, from not being fed right, no shots, and not being given medical treatment as the poor little girl could no longer walk at all. Local Corona warehouse business owner took on Jack Daniels, and another girl Shepherd as their guard dogs about three years ago. The mistreatment and harm is unacceptable. The shepherd got real sick, had to be put to sleep this past week, and somehow Jack survived being in the cold, no shots, filthy water, many times not even having food, and no love, locked up as a guard dogs. While immigrants I was told, worked around them all day, the dogs suffered.  



Well Jack is free now, and gorgeous. He LOVES everyone, and I mean everyone. He’s really a baby. This is Jack Daniels after just a week at the farm: IMG_1012

A group of office clerical workers at this horrible local business are the ones that the honor needs to go to. One gal who just started working there asked the owner if she could get medicine for the shepherd She was told no, but she got some anyway, but by this time, it was just too late. Now that angel dances with God. The little girl could not move her back legs, and was in deep suffering pain. This young lady made a decision that Jack was not going to end up dead too. She gathered all the girls, and they called us. Her opening tear-filled words were, “Dear God, I pray you can help me get two dogs safe. They are guard dogs where I work. One is deathly sick, and I pray you can save the other one.” She was sobbing. 

One person, one person by taking action saved Jack, and we were able to at least get the shepherd with God, The little girl had to be put to sleep. Her suffering was awful. And as you can see on the morning we got them, the picture of the two of them in their “Home” didn’t even have water in the bowls. Disgusting. Where are the laws? This harm goes on everyday, as people just turn their heads. Please be part of your community. When you see a dog suffering call our local shelter, or us, but do something. Im not sure its against the law to keep a dog locked up, but you know when a dog is suffering, take some kind of action, please dear God. 

Named him Jack Daniels as we figured after his three years of hell he probably needed to be named some kind of whiskey. You can make him yours, I don’t want him to stay here long, as within minutes he is already attached. He is eating really good, now, amazingly he’s strong and healthy and going to be fine. He’s beautiful. And pure lab. He now has all his shots. This week we are getting him fixed. He is three years old, and weighs seventy pounds. His sexual drive is HIGH, so probably needs a male dog as a friend at least until his hormones stop raging. Jack Daniels is a pure lab.

IMG_0949Call now, he won’t last long 909-208-6889. Fill out application at www.adoptapet.com/greenlandhollerpets upper right/ front page, and text me you want to see him and hopefully take him home now.   THIS DOG IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. 

Jack’s breed: Lab Retriever:The sturdy, well-balanced Labrador Retriever can, depending on the sex, stand from 21.5 to 24.5 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 55 to 80 pounds. The dense, hard coat comes in yellow, black, and a luscious chocolate. The head is wide, the eyes glimmer with kindliness, and the thick, tapering “otter tail” seems to be forever signaling the breed’s innate eagerness.

Labs are famously friendly. They are companionable housemates who bond with the whole family, and they socialize well with neighbor dogs and humans alike. But don’t mistake his easygoing personality for low energy: The Lab is an enthusiastic athlete that requires lots of exercise, like swimming and marathon games of fetch, to keep physically and mentally fit.

Take action today, help Jack. Donations are also acceptable: PayPal is excellent. Our account is greenlandglobal@mac.com  

Our new website is www.greenlandhollerpets.org 


What our customers need and can’t find elsewhere: 

1. Adopting Families: We know our animals, and take pride in finding the dog that fits perfectly into a family’s lifestyle. We know all the issues when we hand that dog over to its new family. Our dogs come from . . . 

     a. Shelters: They know they can call us to come immediately  if a dog is not social, been badly harmed, can’t be touched, bites people or dogs, or has medical needs that need 24/7 attention. We get them and with our love all get healed. 

     b. Owner Surrenders: Many times a shelter cannot take an animal because of several issues, the dog is an emotional mess and shelter sees overwhelming problems instantly, older dog that really should not be put thru the stress of being in a shelter, people don’t have money to pay intake fee, or the shelter is FULL. We can usually take the dog, as people most of the time need the dog out of their life in hours. Or many times with the big dogs we have people bring dog to out Petsmart show, and we post the animal/s for them and find nice homes for suffering dogs, young and old. 

Examples of our Success Stories: 

Blossom Mona Lisa on Oct. 10, 2017 I found this four month old Siberian Husky at our shelter who could not breath. Shelter knew it was serious, and it was, and planned to euthanize her that morning. I pulled her as I watched her struggle for air while I was there picking up five puppies and a mom starving. Fifteen days later, three hospitals, an ambulance with oxygen, and over $14,000 in costs, it was realized her Larynx was paralyzed by being kicked by a human; surgery was done, and six months after we took care of her, day and night, she has the greatest family ever for her. No kids, No other dogs that could harm her in playing yet for another six months, and parents home a lot who adore her.

IMG_0512 IMG_0348IMG_0498IMG_0351

Waa Waa came to us from our shelter. He was beaten for three months because this four year old cockerpoo barked as he was left alone 12 hours a day. When he first arrived at our Sanctuary we noticed he loved our neighbor kids, and young volunteers, at our Petsmart Events more than other dogs or adult humans. So, we found him a home with four children, a stay at home mom, and he is the Prince. Happy for him? Absolutely.  Did it take work? Absolutely! I would read to him at least an hour a day. image0000021 image0000001image0000031image0000051


New starving baby eats our Chicken and Rice hot dish for her first time. Makes me cry every time! 


Coquette and Mitzi Rose Get Adopted Together! Absolute Miracle Blessing!


Miss Vicky Stuck in a Cage Gets Free~! Becomes Trucker Dog! 

Miss Vicky 

When this phone call came to us from a lady with a little dog she had to find a new home for immediately my heart sank.  This couple had a tiny chihuahua and their world was in bad shape. They came here from Egypt; got a dog for their child at one of our shelters; and Dad had gotten injured at job they moved here for him to be employed and now could not find work, nor Mom. The dreams they planned well nothing was going right. 

And the dog was overwhelming this family. But as the story unfolded as almost usual; these nice people just had no idea how to take care of a dog. 

Mom didn’t like dog hair. Even though Ms. Vicky was a 6 lb. chihuahua in mom’s eyes it was a dog and would leave hair that would harm her family. This tiny dog was being kept in a small cage most of the time. And the stress created more hair.

1. Humans have hair, lots of hair some of us, and leave a lot more hair behind in their path than a dog! Why get a dog if you afraid of its hair, or plan to leave it locked up. 
2. Mom decided the dog should be placed in a cage while the family was at work, and of course in the nighttime, as she again did not want dog hair on her or her child’s bed. But to make up for locking the dog in a cage almost as small as the dog; Mom would sing lullabies to the baby. EEEEK. The Mom said, ‘Well I sing to it when I put it back in the cage.” My body shivered with horror as I thought of how that dog must feel at that moment. 

3. And, food? because they had no  money the dog was bones, eating their leftovers. 

Anyway, enough of the bad. These people did believe in me, I was determined to find Ms. Vicki a home, but could not take the dog as at the time it was crazy filled with fear. I could not mix it in with the other babies at our sanctuary.  The people did hang with me, and about two weeks later I got a phone call from a trucker. She wanted a small dog. I knew these folks and thought  . . . . .MISS VICKY. 

This couple drove that big rig with a trailer right up to our front door; Miss Vicki showed up with her Daddy and was screaming away. The lady told me to put Miss Vicky on the ground, this new woman sat on the grass, I turned around to go get a blanket; she was going, “Schhhhhh!” Within thirty seconds Miss Vicky was in her arms kissing her, and reaching over to kiss their dog. I swear that baby KNEW SHE WAS HOME. IT was a done deal. 


We quickly did the paperwork, Dad left, her new Dad picked her up with no problem, put her and her new sister Dog in the truck, and Miss Vicky who was just bones started eating every thing in sight. SHE WAS HOME AND SHE WAS HUNGRY. When that truck drove off going back to Canada, and all our dogs are paper proof for borders, but I just stood there and cried. I was so happy for everyone! A few hours later the new owner called in tears, ‘This poor baby was starving.” They had stopped and bought her chicken, eggs, and who knows what else. But her belly was full, and then she slept and slept. God sure gave her the finest. And when they arrived in Canada the photos were Miss Vicky with family dogs, big ones, little ones and even a few cats. The people had told me she hated other animals. Don’t listen to people. Well, success is not even the word . . . . . We got to give this baby girl, she was only like a year old a life, a real life, and has never known a cage since. Love to this Canadian family that just put her in their arms and love her like a child. YES, YES, YES~ I did not give up. Sometimes I do have to because the people just don’t care, and that is heartbreaking. 


Have you met Charlie? safe_image.php

Charlie . . . 

Spirituality came to me as a child as I buried so many of my loved ones, in what seemed like a frenzy of cold death, and cats too. They multiplied on the farms. And, at fourteen, same age as me, we buried my best friend and cousin Kristy. We were together all the time as children. We would play in the bath tub for hours and hours and hours. She spoke with me the day before she passed and told me not to worry about her, she was going to heaven and dance, but that to watch my back with our parents, they could be dangerous she said. And, she died. She wrote a will and gave me all her worldly goods. I still have her pink bedding, and well pink everything. We loved Baby Pink. 

I also lost my great grandma, she died in my arms when I was eleven. Then my grandma that was my Mom in my heart as I raised by her; and grandpa, known as Dad to me, and the list went on. . . . 

But Charlie, this handsome little ten year old Maltese I knew had God all around him for me to help. 

About once a week I go to our local shelter to see who is who there; and they lovingly give us their extra blankets, toys, and things they can’t use. So, I am on the freeway just about to get off the exit for the shelter and calling them to let them know I was almost there, when my other line rings. It’s the shelter phoning me that a lady is sitting in their lobby with a little senior dog she can’t keep and does not have the means to even pay them their small turn-in fee. I told the manager, I was almost at their door. 

I met Mom, an older lady, probably my age, and my heart went out to her. The dog needed a bath, she told me its teeth were bad, she had taken him to a vet and she was told he should have his teeth cleaned, but no urgency . 

We usually charge a fee for take-ins also. If I spend two hours posting, it is my time. I’m good at it; and I get results, but it’s precious time that I am not holding one of our babies, or saving a shelter dog’s life. And, the real problem is when I put the work out, and in a few days the people change their mind, or give the away to someone, and I am left hanging.  

I work two ways if money is tight for them they can hold on to the dog; bring it to our Petsmart shows; and I will post the baby everywhere. The fee is less than if I take the dog. If I take the dog the fee is more; I have to tend to that baby twenty four seven, and believe me these animals are a mess; usually need groomed; a vet check, shots, fixed, and the list goes on. No one has truly taken care of these animals. And the animals, and humans, cry, a lot, especially in the night. OH, and pee everywhere. I have paper towels, towels, and cleaner in every corner. 

But I just wanted to help this woman, and Charlie. So the shelter officer helped me take pictures, I got all the lady’s information, and I went home to begin posting. 

safe_image.php He’s beautiful!  FullSizeRender_3
At 7 a.m. I got my first call, and that was our adoption. The lady was near tears explaining she had the same dog, Brody the Brat, who was ten years old, and a pure Maltese. She had lost his playmate, and Brody was sad. I liked her. And knew she was it. She had wanted to call me at 4 a.m. The evening before she saw him when I posted; but it in the middle of the night. This lady, Kathy, had not slept all night. I knew that pain. 

So I called the owner lady of Charlie, told her I had good and bad news, and was she ready, because I had the new mom for her baby. I could hear this gentle lady begin to cry. This would probably be one of the hardest things she would ever do in her life. I would help her pain to become peace. She and her husband did not have the financial means any longer to properly take care of her aging dog, she had him since a pup, and they have two other dogs; and they are getting older, and their own medical needs are changing. 

We gathered our wits; and set a time to meet Kathy for 3:30 that afternoon. Then the other calls began to roll in. Oh goodness. One lady again with the same dog, older, needed a playmate for her remaining baby as her other Maltese that looked just like Charlie had passed away. She lived in Palm Springs, and very active in the opera world. This lady brought the Met performances into the desert. I love her. She had her private driver ready to come get Charlie. Another lady, same story, just lost her purebred Maltese and the remaining dog, again older, needed a friend. They were from Reno, had a private plane ready to come get this boy. And fifteen more calls from every walk of life. All wanting and needing our Charlie. 

Then the time came. Dad came with the Mom for support; this was tough. Their daughter came as well, and this young lady had many issues, and I will share what happened with her. The Dad took me aside and said, “I don’t know why she is so emotional. We asked her to take him, so he could get his teeth done, and take a load off us, and she had told them, she could not take Charlie in words a little less kind.” But here she was bawling, and it was all quite sad. And it was traumatic. This dog was their child. My heart went out to Mom and Dad. 

IMG_7388  IMG_7389

And poor Kathy, a woman with a heart of pure gold. She even brought pictures of her home and yard to show these folks to help them get peace. I can only imagine what a family feels when a child born is given up for adoption. It has to be hell. The new family needs that child, but that transfer well these individuals will always be near my heart. Kathy need Charlie, and so did Brody the Brat. He was lonely. Brody the Brat: 20160506_190012 Brody and Charlie: 20160621_170340So, Kathy, the new Mom, opens the door to her immaculate SUV. She has the passenger seat set back, with a orthopedic bed and lamb skin huge blanket and doggie seatbelt a for two.

                     IMG_7387 IMG_7390

I knew this was the right home for our Charlie. And off they drove after about an hour. A new life began for this little boy. As Kathy got in her car Dad gave her a bag of dry food and a small kennel. Kathy stated, “I won’t need a kennel!” But they insisted on her taking it saying that Charlie liked to sleep in it. Charlie, now named Chazz the Dream Catcher, after his birthright, has NEVER GONE NEAR THE KENNEL. Kathy threw it out. 

Then the real drama began. Thank God for Kathy’s love and kindness in her own heart. Giving a dog up is difficult, and probably hardest on the children, grown or otherwise, as the memories of so many things just bursts in volcanos of emotions. 

Kathy set up an appointment for Chazz’s teeth. In the interim he was not eating. So simply, Kathy gave him so homemade soft nibbles, and bought him the best canned food for seniors on the market. The first meal Chazz ate three cans and whatever else was in sight.

It turned out when Mom had taken him to this stupid vet in April Chazz weighed nine pounds. He now weighed in at 7.3 lbs. That weight loss is horrible for a small dog, and a senior baby. He could not eat the dry food. Didn’t anyone notice? 


Kathy Wrote: “Now that I had finally finished transitoning my mother to a memory care facility, after caring for her six years, I went looking for a Maltese playmate for my 10 yr old rescued Maltese named Brody the Brat. After six miserable and depressing weeks of dealing with several rescues to no avail decide to give up. Ten minutes after making that decision, I found Susanne’s little 9 yr. old Maltese named Charlie that she had just posted. I called immediately at the crack of dawn and long story shortly 3:30 p.m. that same day I was picking up Charlie. 

Unfortunately he was not in good health and we had a weekend in front of us waiting for his vet appointment. Its been a rough week for this little dog, but two days past the vet having to pull all his teeth except nine from his puss-filled gums and inflamed mouth, he is playing and totally settled into our family. 

Looking at his records, that we  surprising had available, this little dog was only given dry food to eat . . .and obviously couldn’t with his horrible infected mouth, he sadly had lost almost two pounds within the last 60 days. That’s a tremendous weight loss for a 9 pound dog! But the good news is, he;s left his troubles  behind along with his old name, and has happily become little Chazz the Dream Chasere . . . He’s fast friends with Brody running and rolling in the grass, and eating a lot! 

Then we realized he also had an ear infection; but I fixed him all up, he’s going to be just fine, and no more suffering.  Happy dogs! Happy home! Happy family! Side Note: The sire on his aka registration has “Dream chaser” in his name line. So basically its in Hus Blood.” 

Phone numbers had been exchanged something I don’t normally do for the exact reason that followed. People get twisted up when they give up a dog; and the people dealing with the issues get even more twisted, and angry at the neglect they find in the animal. It’s like as if people have a child, and they don’t like the kid; but then help the neighbor kid. It’s wrong. Deal with the one you have. Learn how to love. People put a dog in a kennel and wonder why it cries. The daughter did go off a deep end, but all things settled down.

His teeth were ROTTEN . . . Filled with PUS and his entire body infected from the horror in his mouth; He had twenty teeth removed, is on heavy duty antibiotics, and well, it was a costly nightmare. And, his ears infected too . . . . but Chazz is all good now. 

But he is Kathy’s baby now and Mom loves both her two “Sons.” IMG_7383


Meet Bambi and Baby Boo13498020_10154306910022520_6684547885255391337_o

We now do Intake Dogs from Private Parties. Its tough. People are emotional, many have neglected the dogs, others are just in a horrifying place. And each case is critical and has to be dealt with NOW! But I wouldn’t miss it for the world. When we get the dogs new homes I know we have done God’s work. 

This is Bambi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And Baby Boo (Both only a little over 1 yr.) 

 13495456_10154306907507520_5944122301840319915_o 13483219_10154306911762520_7516357425266749341_o

I have many stories to share. As I approach some of the realities we face with doing Intake Dogs from Private Parties. I don’t want to harm those with their troubles. They still have to wake up in the morning, with children in pain from losing their dogs, to all the emotional issues that go with giving up a pet. I don’t care how callus you may be, these animals will touch you and linger in your thoughts. And haunt you for your lack of care, one day. And many are forced into the situation. Its all sad. I have been there, I know. And bottom line is I am grateful God allows us to be able to help the people and the animals. Its all tough.

Okay so a lady phones me with six kids, and I swear all the babies are screaming in the background as she tries to explain she has two dogs, and her new husband is going MAD. Can I help her find these dogs new homes? She asks.

She has no money; but the dogs do have their shots current; one is fixed and microchipped, and for that I have to respect her.

So without a fee, I told her I would post her dogs if she sent me pictures of the dogs, and information on each one. And if she could keep them in her care and bring them to my show on Saturday that week? She agreed. I also told her she had to work with me exclusively as I was taking the time to help her, and not charge her for my work.

I liked her. Then her new husband told her he was NOT giving her money for gas to get them to our show. Once he was told if they took them to a shelter, it would cost more, he agreed to let her go one time. She came with four of her kids, including a four month old one, and three other little ones. The kids were all nice, and decent.

But the nine year old boy took me aside and begged me to find the dogs a new home. He stated his new stepdad was not nice to the dogs. So I took it to heart, and I made a commitment to help.

We did not get anyone adopted that Saturday, but I begged her to take them home, gave her food, and told her the following week we would post them, and post them and post them, and then the next Saturday she should just bring the baby dogs to our house, and we would take them to the show from there.

We have no room currently to take in another two dogs.

I got one call from adoptapet and the girl brought her entire family to meet her new baby, Baby Boo. It was love immediately. So one dog adopted and one to go.

Then it was the end of the day, and as much as everyone loved Bambi, the other baby girl, no one had adopted her. We are all packed up, Bambi is in our car, we are trying to figure out how and where we can keep her; and this mom, dad and their two kids come running up: “Oh you are still here. We want a dog. We been to three shelters, and have not found our baby. ” I told them I have just the right little girl, and we got Bambi out of the car. They immediately loved her. They wanted a little bigger dog, and Bambi is a dachshund retriever. We took her in our meet and greet dog center, and she loved them, and they loved her. It was a done deal. Bambi would not leave their feet. Its a sign saying I love you!

So I call these Success Stories because these babies were blessed and are in EXCELLENT new homes, having a ball, the lady has some peace; and we were all protected.

Tough and super emotional stuff, but God has in hands all around us. When the lady cried, I knew we helped her; she has her hands full; but is a special lady, and a great Mom.


A senior dog we rescued helps a 90 yr. man with dementia regain his life; eat, walk, hunt lizards and just hang out.  


We had taken Queen Elizabeth after she was at our shelter seven months. We had her ten days when a lady from Hawaii phoned and asked if she and her Dad could come see this ten year old Australian Shepherd. She explained her 90 year old father’s dog had died and they thought if they got for him another dog that looks identical he would be okay. 

When these two pulled up after she arrived in LA to our home. My husband had the Queen on a leash. Dad jumped out of the car, “Where have you been? Then he said to her, “Goodness I have not eaten since you left, Im starved. Can we go home now we found her? Dad had not eaten since the dog was gone. 

And off they went. The photos had left me in tears. But the funniest moment is when the daughter wrote that Dad noticed that Queen did not know how to hunt Lizards, something his other baby did all the time. Dad looked at her and said,“Baby, did you forget how to catch the lizards. Do you have dementia like me.? He got on his hands and knees and taught her how to hunt the little buggers again. 

I wish every person in this world with dementia could have a pet. Wouldn’t that just be perfect. Please sponsor an older dog for one of your senior friends! Lets change the world for our elderly. This Dad was not eating, walking or doing anything. Now he has a life. 




Today we received a message that a truly little angel, Baby Girl Edee, had passed away.

Susanne, I have heartbreaking news. Little Edee, that we adopted on Easter that had seizures, started having seizures more often. Edee’s seizures got worse. Our vet adjusted her medication but it didn’t help. After having an MRI, Dr. Otto saw a brain tumor. I held her and loved on her while the vet put her to sleep. It was the only thing we could do for her. We miss her dearly,” Mom wrote.

Our vet’s office had this made for us. It is our Baby Girl’s paw print.”12751653_1114184325260834_882423354_o

Then Mom added, “Precious little Edee. We called her our baby girl. That is who she was to us, our baby girl. Baby Girl loved to be outside in the sun as long as it was warm.She did not like the cold. She was such a special little lady and so spoiled. Baby Girl loved being a trucking dog. When we were home and started packing our stuff, she would get so excited. Being in the truck without her is so hard. We both miss Baby Girl so much.Thank you, Susanne and Michael, for letting us care for her for the time we had. Love you guys!”

“This was our Baby Girl’s favorite way to nap during the day. A couple of pillows under our bunk in the sleeper.” 804575_1114186541927279_1282775925_n

We were friends, after all they had our grandchild! 

She got so tired after she ate. She just turned around and went to sleep with her rear in the bowl.” Mom wrote!
This picture just shows that she put on a bit of weight. She really liked to eat.” 12714346_1114187558593844_1617863389_n

Michael, aka my loveey, tears just poured from his eyes, and mine too, but Edee was his baby. He had held her many, many nights as she started having seizures from the day we got her from the shelter. Immediately we got her on meds, but it was a challenge to get it right. We did not have to put her on Prednisone which was a blessing, as she was only about  6 lbs, and had come from some horrifying ordeal thats for sure. She was about 8 – 10 years old. But this hardworking beautiful trucking couple they gave this little girl a life! Instantly out at the truck stop they fell in love with her, and we knew they would give her a life like a princess, and James and Gayle Oakley Dawson treated her as their child, which she was: If you want to send them your words of encouragement and love for them for taking on this darling little senior and giving her a life. . . You can reach Gayle on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/gayle.dawson.37 

This was their holiday greeting of Edee and her new friend a KITTIE! 12105779_1051655741513693_5176156656939782699_n

This is a SUCCESS STORY because this little tiny precious girl got to be loved after a long rough life. She was bones when we got her from the shelter. Thank you James and Gayle for loving her so deeply. All our love, Michael and Susanne 


Our Journal begins today. So many of our adoptions feel like God’s arms are wrapped strongly around us, the new adopting family and the dog who has been in horror and now has his own home. 

I will begin this tale of love about a 2 yr. old, 60 lb. Handsome, Black and Beige, German Shepherd, Lord Byron. 


At our shelter he was going bonkers, no one knew if he was gentle, loving or crazy. He had been housed there for a long time, and one day we knew he needed out. Volunteers at the shelter said he was going insane. So, I went and adopted him. For whatever reason once we get them out, all their dynamics change and we rarely see any aggression from any of the ones we rescue. 

Instantly he bonded to Michael and I and we knew his heart was gentle. Whatever troubles were in his soul, somehow, “Dad’s fresh chicken hot dish” washed away all his fears. I had picked him  up at the shelter in the morning; by afternoon we were calling him “Son.” 


Within a week a family wanted him at one of our Tractor Supply Events: but they intended to leave him outside while everyone went to work, which even though I told them that would not be acceptable for us for his adoption, it came out after they had him two days, and he had jumped their fence several times. He was left alone. His heart could not handle that situation. So in the middle of the night one of our dear associates drove miles to pick him up and bring him home to us. The adoption was over. I now have a list for adopters to check off that are just our policies: one is that any dog adopted from us will not be left in a yard all day. A house,  yes, but not a yard. It just does not work, especially with all the elements, and we also do not want our dogs crated in the day or night time. Most of our babies have been caged, and it is too traumatizing for our special need dogs. 


What we did realize was Lord Byron loved kids, and other dogs. All he lived for was having a child sit on his tummy and he would crawl while the child rides him. Funny dog. But Arthur came to our Sanctuary, and well within one day these two boys were  best friends, and would run the yard for hours being “BOYS!” Both dogs just babies really, only two years old, and had been thru such trauma bonded like glue.

Then about a week later, this lady phoned. She had fallen in love with our “Son!” But she was not sure if she wanted a big dog again, after just losing a really BIG boy, so wanted to see some of our little ones too. I love the big ones, so I understand, but with two kids, a husband, and a life, sometimes a little one is easier to have as the family dog. But when she came over, you could see her eyes just warm up as she and her daughter sat giving Lord Byron love and kisses. She liked a Water Portuguese we had, but the following day she showed up with her 8 yr. old son, and the minute Lord Byron saw that boy the adoption was done.!



 Lord Byron rolled and rolled in the grass, and this child and his dog were one. The lady told me to bring out the paperwork, we were in the front yard, and Lord Byron came over by her feet, crawled on the grass for a minute. Then put his head on the grass, and within seconds he was snoring. Think he was happy? I guess so, he didn’t even notice he was leaving us. When he got into his new family car he just went and sat right by the little boy. Lord Byron had a home, and he knew it. 

Lord Byron wrote a note to us a few days after his adoption, “Hey Grandma and Grandpa I have so much sunshine in my life, I have to wear shades. Love you both, thank you for saving me, and getting me a real home.” IMG_27821

They love him, he loves them, he sleeps with the kids, and protects everyone. Arthur now needs a home, as he is lonely, But what a gift to all our work; one dog, so horrified, now is the King of His Castle. Makes every sleepless night worth it. 

Tonight give all your loved ones your best’ And, make sure your doggies are inside, warm, full tummies, fresh water, good healthy food in their clean bowl, and they have soft cuddly blankets and beds to rest their precious bodies, so they can give you in return all their love. Goodnight! 



Our rescue, an intake and shelter rescue organization specializing in medical and emotional needs dogs, has saved and adopted thousands of dog in now nearly twelve years of being in this business. 

We take only dogs in crisis, on death row, or has urgent emotional or medical needs from shelters or individuals. The fluff babies we leave for others. Many of our doggies are older, and we love them, but we take all sizes and specialize in “Complicated!” It works for us. Ms. Spirit has sang country blues music including her many originals with her Greenland Holler Band for the TravelCenters of America for years. Then one day about almost twelve years ago now the idea came as she was holding a Pet Talent Contest on the Professional Drivers Patio that if she could rescue the death row dogs, truckers would adopt them, and that they have from pits, to mastiffs, to huskies, to 4 lb. old toy apple head chihuahuas, and the list goes on. I never ask what the dog is, only how we can help it. 

Our adoptions to local folks to truckers as far away as Canada is enormous. We will be telling our stories one by one here, soon.IMG_6136

The first little boy lives in Florida, he had wanted a dog for so long, and there came our little Putz. These two are inseparable. The other little boy, our Bubba, oh, he was so scared and now he shines. 

What we do is God’s Calling . . . Our dogs we rescue get to hear the music! But it takes our entire community to save one precious dog. 

 Today I write to express my gratitude of those of you wanting our little puppies, many coming from being born in a big rig, and those that help with medical needs, and just being part of the foundation of what we do twenty four hours a day. The adoptions are giving these precious babies great homes.  Our shelters and people who have to surrender a dog make sure a dog in need is taken care of until we can get the animal in our safe sanctuary. And, we thank each one of you. 155509520