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We are a rescue based in NE Oklahoma. We are all foster based, meaning all our pets are in private homes getting lots of love and socialization.

Oklahoma has very few spay and neuter laws and the ones we have are not enforced. Animals are considered property of the owner and the owners are only required by law to provide basic shelter and food. We like to think things are changing and people are getting educated, however the truth is there is an abundance of unwanted pets.

In addition to our rescue work, we do a low cost spay and neuter clinic several times a year/ Our first clinic was held in May 2014 and todate we have provided low cost spay or neuter to over 1000 owner’s pets.

One of our core beliefs is that we never refuse an animal because of illness and if we take in an animal we do whatever we can to get them well and in forever homes, regardless of medical costs. We are financed through donations and adoption fees, we are an all volunteer organization.

We have a wonderful partner and foster family in Colorado that helps us transport pets there to find forever homes. We feel that the people in       Colorado respect and treat their animals like family.

We also have the support of Kelly and Greg Robinson of Bark N Wash in Aurora. We hold all of our adoption events there and they have helped us find homes for 1000′s of pets from Oklahoma.