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My Story

Meet Rocket!

Rocket is a one year old, cattle dog mix. He is a vivacious, outgoing, friendly fellow. Living up to his name, he is deceivingly faster than you can imagine. He’s quick to learn, loves companionship, and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Just because he’s disabled doesn’t mean he isn’t active! He would love to join on outdoor adventures, walks around your neighborhood, and LOVES toys.

He is a special needs dog and will need a family with patience and persistence (which is something we believe is true of all dogs). He has limited use of his back legs, requires the use of a wheelchair, and uses a drag bag to limit scrapes and abrasions. He also uses belly bands (diapers) and will need help to get outside. Rocket will go to his new home with all that we currently use for him: wheelchair, diapers, drag bag.

His ideal home would include an active family, limited time away from the home since he needs help relieving himself or suitable arrangements made, other playful dogs. He plays rather rough so small or timid dogs aren’t recommended. He also chases cats so we wouldn’t recommend a home with cats. We’d love for him to have a home with a pool as we believe regular swimming helps strengthen his back legs and also helped him control his toileting habits better. We understand his perfect adopter may not have a pool but we’d be open to someone willing to take him to water therapy, outdoor swimming, or maybe something we haven’t yet thought.

Owning a special needs dog is a lot of work but the rewards are that much greater! Rocket needs and deserves his forever family that will be devoted to him and his care. Taking on a dog with medical issues can be intimidating, especially if its your first time, so please feel free to ask us any questions or concerns you may have. Rocket has a strong personality and will fall in love but we’d like his potential adopters to be prepared for his needs.

We think this Petcurean blog gave a good description of adopting medical needs dogs. https://www.petcurean.com/blog/what-to-expect-adopting-a-dog-with-medical-issues/?fbclid=IwAR2juvAzZi3MUQsuvJq0hgvpJ-XpImfUFxcJyOrEOzWJrBok_YpbS6wxT4U

Adoption Process

Home Check
Meet and Greet
Adoption Fee Range from 150.00 to 325.00 depending on age