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My Story

Queen Sarah is a dog in a cat’s body. She is very vocal, and she’ll come to you whenever you call her name, and she loves humans. She’ll always want your attention, but will leave you whenever you’d like her to, because she’s still a cat. She doesn’t shy away from strangers. She will cuddle with you at night on your chest, between the legs, and on your arm. She’s a perfect companion you could ask for.

Estimated DOB - 4/25/15

Text or call 214-912-2573 or email hairball@texaspawprints.org with questions about Queen Sarah Saturday.

Adoption Process

We ask all potential adoptors to complete an application/contract. Next, we interview all potential adoptors. We ask about previous pets owned, if all family members want to adopt, and the conditions in which the animal will live.

Generally we will not finalize an adoption if the animal will be allowed outdoors unsupervised, or if all family members do not agree to the adoption.We also discourage declawing of cats.

Our adoption fee is $95 and covers a test for FIV and feline leukemia, at least one vaccination, and a spay or neuter surgery. All pets are wormed and vaccinated.