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My Story

Spayed Female
Adult 3 Years Old
Lionhead X
Tan / White
Weight 4.0

I was pulled along with 137 other rabbits from a hoarding breeding situation. The local Sheriff's Office and Animal Control were charging my previous owner with animal cruelty because our medical needs and basic needs were not being provided in a proper manner. I was kept dirty horrific conditions and many of us had medical conditions and were suffering from Pastereulla.

The shelter describes me as a "Bluebell" which means that in the shelter I was observed hiding and cowering at times but I also exhibited other behaviors such as exploring, grooming, playing, greeting, headshaking, thumping, and binkies. I may occasionally nip if I am mishandled. In homes, bluebells are often friendly, interactive rabbits, but may be cage protective and nip at a person reaching into their area. Some bluebells likes to be "explorer rabbits" in their permanent homes. They are very active, usually gentle, but may not like to sit still from much cuddling. Bluebells often gets along with other rabbits if properly introduced and a few may be able to tolerate children if they are not over handled. Blue bells may nip if they are restrained against their will.


Shelter Team Notes: Frankie is very sweet and she does not exhibit any signs of aggression and is very shy and withdrawn. Most likely she had very little handling from the previous owner. Frankie is a TRUE rescue for someone wanting a challenge to work to bring her out of her shell.

IMPORTANT MEDICAL NOTICE: Frankie has incisor malocclusion and will need monthly or bi-monthly visits to the Veterinarian for regular maintenance of the teeth. If the new owner fails to do this it can become life threatening where the rabbit will no longer be able to eat. New owner MUST agree to take this rabbit to regular Vet appointments.

NOTICE: Because these bunnies are prone to re-breaking due to stressful situations we will only do meet and greets for all the hoarding case bunnies by appointment only. They will NOT be transported to adoption events unless an appointment is made prior.

Adoption Process

Signature on legal adoption contract required. Rabbits must be pets only NOT used for food or training any animal.