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Ready to apply? Great! Let’s talk about our adoption process.

Our goal at PALS is to place the right cat in the right home.  In order to do this, we ask you to fill out our adoption application completely.  We ask for a vet reference and two personal references.  YES, we do indeed call each and every vet reference.  We do this in order to make sure that your current pets are up to date on their vaccinations and that they are evaluated by a vet on a regular basis.  YES, even strictly indoor cats need to see a vet regularly.  YES, even cats that have never been ill need to see a vet regularly.

We also call all personal references.  This helps us to get to know you a bit better and helps us to determine if the kitty is going to the right home.  

Now let’s get to the actual application!  Please follow the instructions carefully.

To apply for a cat,  Click Here to apply