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Adoption Fees:

-Our adoption fee is $95 in most cases.

-Long haired cats and pedigree cats have higher adoption fees ($200-$350).

We occasionally run a special where we reduce adoption fees to $45.  Please check our website or our adoption centers for these specials.

Please understand that your adoption fee helps defray the cost of the vet care, food, and medication your cat has received prior to adoption.

Low Cost Spay and Neuter:

If you adopt a kitten from PALS that is too young for spay or neuter, we offer a low cost option!  Once per month, PALS volunteers lead a “Spay Run”.  You are required to drop your kitten off in Devon with our volunteers early in the morning.  Our volunteers transport the kittens to The Spayed Club Clinic where your kitten will receive surgery, pain medication, remaining vaccinations and a microchip.  PALS volunteers transport the kittens back to Devon where you pick up on the evening of the same day.  The cost is $100, payable at the time of adoption.  Please note that this is in addition to your adoption fee.

If you choose to use your own vet for spay or neuter, we require a $45 deposit that you will get back when your kitten is spayed by your vet. We ask for proof of surgery via a vet receipt.