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PALS brought this poor delawed gentle giant in after someone put him outdoors to fend for himself. He was undernurished and in bad shape but he healed and is now loving life in his new home. Thanks to the adopters who LOVE black cats. He is becoming good friends with his new sister Pepper, also a black cat!  Nate’s family reports that they aren’t quite cuddly best friends yet, but they’re never far from each other, so they have to believe they secretly love each other.  Last week they found both of them sleeping on chairs under the dining room table, right next to each other- so they can’t hide the fact that they are buddies.  He’s really been a joy to have. 


Tyson was one of a litter of three rescued by PALS.  After being fostered, they were ready for adoption. Tobys Official Baby PictureWe received an application from a man named Bob who was going through a divorce – he and and his wife planned to each keep one of their two cats.  Bob knew his kitty Elsa would be devastated, as she was bonded to the other cat.  Bob adopted Tyson and introduced him slowly to Elsa and the resident dog,  Now all are good friends! Bob renamed him Toby, which means “The Goodness of God.” As Bob said, this name fits him so much better. He’s truly a gift.

Sister Love – Hunny and Dana 

Their adopter reports: I can’t imagine being without the girls at this point! Although Hunny was a sweet name, and she is a very sweet girl, we wanted something more unique…like her! So we named her Zelda. Dana is so pretty, but kind of standoffish, so we named her Zooey .Zelda got acclimated right away and is always waiting at the door for us. Hunny and DanaShe was a little shy around my son, but now goes right in his room and on his bed. She loves visitors and gets right up on their chair and lays down next to them. She loves to play with the laser pointer and the little ball that goes around the scratching pad. Zelda only scratches on her scratching pads but she does like to climb! Zooey has taken a little longer to warm up to us. But all bets are off when she’s on my bed! She loves to be on and over and beside me. She purrs really loud and head butts to get your attention. She will come out when visitors are here, but only to sit in the room and watch.  She likes treats (Zelda does not…) she likes to watch for a while then will jump in and play. The sisters really love each other and chase one another through the house. I don’t think they would be as well adjusted if they were separated. But they’re both so different…it’s a lot of fun.They’re getting big..,about 8lbs each and long! But they both still have tiny paws. Both are wonderful in the litter box and have never had even one accident.  There may be a point when I would want to add an older cat to the mix, but right now we’re all enjoying the learning time.I have had pets my whole life, but for the last 19 years I had two dogs, two cats and two kids. As they all went on their way, the house was terribly still and joyless. Even though I miss my old friends, the girls have brought life and warmth to my home. I wouldn’t want to be without them and I hope they are as happy as they make us!