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My Zoey Experience

Bob Woish



There is something in every defining moment that can make a decision for you. When I saw pictures of Zoey on the PALS web site it was instantaneous. There was something in her stare that seemed isolated and distant, even icy. But looking deeper I knew she still wanted a home. Maybe she looked like she had lost hope in her 3-1/2 years at the PALS shelter with no takers. But she was stunningly gorgeous (in my highly biased opinion) and I had a feeling, a vibe. So I adopted Zoey. It took a while but with patience she came around.


Fast forward: of all the cats I’ve ever roomed with Zoey turned out to be the most attentive, most affectionate, loudest purring, leg-rubbing and head-bonking cat I’ve ever known. I took a chance on a wallflower cat, and it turns out she was saving her affections for the one who would take her home while giving no clue of this to visitors at the shelter. Zoey has been such a constant source of joy, I know my friends get tired of hearing it, and my constant Facebook photos of Zoey in my lap and at my side must get old for some. But she is my prize. I am fortunate nobody else took a chance on my wallflower cat. This was meant to be. 



Tracy Pollock

Let me start by saying I have always loved cats.  Each one has their own unique personality.  I have been adopting cats from PALS for the past 5 years.  Some of the cats that I adopted were the ones that no seemed to want and were just getting overlooked by other adopters.   I was volunteering with a friend of mine in April 2017 to take pictures of some of the cats at the shelter.  There were many cats who were coming right up to me wanting my attention.  As I was walking upstairs looking in the rooms, a tiny petite calico cat named Sally was sitting there staring at me.  She even left me pet her.  I took a picture of her so I could remember her.  And I never really got that little calico out of my mind.  I knew she had been at the shelter a very long time.  I even asked and found out she had been living at the shelter for 5 or 6 years.  Well spring and summer came and went but needless to say I never really got that little calico out of my mind.   Call me crazy but it was almost like she was begging me to take her home back when I visited the shelter previously.  

Fall arrived, and I begin to think about bringing that little calico Sally home.  She was already used to living with a bunch of cats so coming to my house shouldn’t be an issue.  I do have 4 dogs that she may have to get used to.  I contacted Pat Maloney from PALS and it was arranged that I brought her home.  It was one of the best choices that I made and little Sally thinks so too!  That tiny calico has blossomed into a total lap kitten and loves our dogs and other cats.  She even lets my two daughters pet her as well.  When I go to bed she will even lay on top of my shoulder to sleep.  And she is a total purr machine!  I can’t stress enough how these shy cats that are used to living in a shelter can really blossom into affectionate cats in their own homes.  I really encourage anyone to adopt a wallflower cat!  They can really surprise you!  And they all deserve loving homes too!  I adopted Sally but I really think she adopted me!  So please adopt your own PALS wallflower cat today!  You won’t be sorry!  

Tracey and Alex Vasile

I believe so strongly in this. What can we do to help? They can be challenging at times, but the hard ones are the best cases. We have one, Syd. She’s the sweetest cat, loves belly rubs. And you deal with the rest. It’s amazing what a little love can do to a spiritually broken cat. You give love, get back ten times more. Friend for life. Awesome. So happy!IMG_2926