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What Kind of Cats are Wallflowers?

Many cats sit in shelters and rescues because they are the ones that do not come right up to you and greet you. Some say they are not friendly. They are the observers who need to get to know you before they become affectionate and attached. With a little time and trust they can become extremely attached and affectionate. They crave a safe and loving home and show their appreciation slowly as they get to know you. This makes sense since a lot of people are like that so why shouldn’t cats be like that too?

Will you take a small leap of faith and adopt one of our wallflowers? There are many great reasons to do so…

1. You will not have to share their affection with all of your company. They may look to just you as their person for all affection because you are their special one.

2. A sense of achievement is a great feeling when your wallflower comes out of their shell and begins to act like a beloved pet.

3. You will be rescuing a perfectly healthy special needs cat because they are left behind in shelters more than some of our kitties with physical deformities.

4. They make great companions for your existing pet and may not be as demanding when you have multiple animals,

5. Just like a gardener…give a little TLC, sit back and watch them bloom!

Here are our adoptable Wallflowers!  Click on their names to learn more!  Read our Wallflower Testimonials Here

Turbo -ADOPTED!!!
Kendra -ADOPTED!
Albert Rio -ADOPTED!!
Mudge - Adopted!
Claire- Adopted!
Jewel- Adopted!
Tinkerbelle - ADOPTED!
Brown Mamma- Adopted!
Marmelade - ADOPTED!
Ally- Adopted!