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My Story

Woof! My name is Luna and I was born November 23, 2018 and adopted by my human at 8 weeks where I patiently waited to be trained as his service dog. Sadly he passed away before I finished my training. To keep me from going into the pound, his daughter brought me to AZ where I got to meet my foster brother and sisters. Here in AZ we enjoy exploring the yard, going on walks and best of times was cuddling in the dog pile with my foster parents. 
Now that I’ve been fixed and vaccinated I can hopefully find a new human to walk and play with. I love walks and playing as I have a LOT of energy. I LOVE to be close to my humans and enjoy playing with my sisters.
This is a courtesy post so if you would like to meet Luna please contact Shannon at 480 205 5250 or Shannon.lien@icloud.com 

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