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My Story

Hi...I am PT and I’m a young, spayed female cat. I was born in the wild and spent the beginning of my life on the streets just trying to survive. My mom and dad did the best they could to care for me and show me where to find food. But sadly one day they never came back for me.
Life was very scary for me after that. The neighborhood kids threw rocks at me and chased me. I almost got hit by a car. The weather got really hot and food and water were scarce. My brothers and sisters didn’t survive. But luckily I was saved just in the nick of time. A kind and patient human was able to gain my trust and took me in.
I was nurtured, fed, and got medical care. And now I am feeling much better and learning to trust humans and trying not to be so afraid.
All I need now is a kind and gentle person of my own. Someone who will be kind, patient, and continue with my trust building skills.
I love to play and I’m an expert toy hunter! I really like food and treats too! And I hope some day I can be like other house cats and have a loving bond with a very special human. Could that be you? Please adopt me and give me the loving home I’m dreaming of. Love, PT.”
PT is around a year old. She is spayed and vaccinated, semi-feral, needs to be an inside only cat. She would do best in a quiet home. 
PT is a courtesy post so if you would like to meet her please contact Sharon at dogkrazy@live.com




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