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Abandonment Case: City of Warren 30+ Cats and Kittens

On Friday, May 25, an investigation was launched into the mass abandonment of dozens of cats and kittens throughout the City of Warren. 

Paws for Life is assisting the city with the capture, transport, medical care, foster care and eventual adoption of these 30+ cats and kittens, some of which are still hospitalized. Many of the cats were found in poor shape, lethargic, underweight and dehydrated.

To donate directly to Paws for Life, you can donate online or mail a check or money order to Paws for Life, 318 John R Rd. #244, Troy, MI 48083.

The Baiardi Family Foundation has generously offered to double all donations up to $2,500 for the month of June. Double your impact today by making a donation and Paws for Life will receive twice that amount.  

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Meet the Cats

4kittens Aethelwulf

Torvi Asluag

Siggy Bjorn







Cats still hospitalized and in need of foster care upon release:

If you’d like to foster any of the cats and kittens from this abandonment case, please apply online

To donate directly to their care at Wilson’s, you can call the hospital at 586-752-6217 and ask to make a donation on the Warren Animal Control account. 



This girl really broke our heart. Sif is young, about 1 year old; however, she only weighs 2 lbs, the weight of an 8-week-old kitten. Sif is lethargic, dehydrated, starved and has an upper respiratory infection (URI). She is now hospitalized at Wilson’s and receiving around-the-clock care to help her recover and gain weight while we work on finding her a foster home. 

Three Kittens


These three 8-week-old kittens are suffering from dehydration and severe URIs. They are now hospitalized at Wilson’s and receiving around-the-clock care to help them recover and gain weight while we work on finding them a foster care home. They are improving and we hope they’ll be released soon.



This boy was rescued from the second dumping location. He was in pretty bad shape when he arrived at Warren Animal Control and was immediately rushed to Wilson’s for hospitalization. He was skin and bones, dehydrated and very lethargic. Thanks to the care at Wilson’s, he’s doing better and will hopefully be ready to go to foster care soon. 

Media Coverage

May 30, 2018: WXYZ Channel 7 story

May 31, 2018: The Detroit News

June 1, 2018: The Detroit Free Press

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