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Peaceful Paws Giant Dog Placement Services provides rescue, rehabilitation and placement of giant breed dogs in the area of PA, DE, MD and NJ.


 In 2016, Peaceful Paws changed our mission statement. We’re now focused on providing quality of life health care and a stable home environment to giant breed dogs, primarily great danes and english mastiffs, who have lost their homes and are in need of a safe and loving place to live out their final days/weeks/months.  

e4b16c_21c25a82732d449d83a412aa80c60331As part of the core focus, educating the public about the appropriate way to interact with and care for giant breed dogs as well as providing information about giant dog breeds is key to decreasing the need for rescue in the future.


Peaceful Paws is an all volunteer rescue organization with seasoned volunteers and foster homes who have been involved in giant breed rescue for multiple years. Volunteers volunteer not only their time but also their resources and expertise.


About Peaceful Paws Founder & President


Peaceful Paws President, Sheila Marshall, spent 15 years volunteering for mid-atlantic great dane rescue league,several years volunteering for Delaware Valley Doberman Pinscher Assistance, and also helps various other rescues as needed.Sheila is passionate about positive interaction with dogs, and decided to make that an integral part of the new rescue’s focus. Sheila attends multiple seminars a year regarding dog behavior, and at one time was Partner in a seminar company devoted to dog-related lectures (Nose2Nose, LLC).


Peaceful Paws is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization with the IRS.


Thanks from all of us at Peaceful Paws!