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How much do we spend on a Rescue Dog? 

The majority of dogs entering the care of Rescue come in needing all the basic vetting their owners should have provided, but didn’t.  There are always exceptions, but this is a basic breakdown for any dogs cared for in Peaceful Paws.
Office Visit$45-60
Fecal Check$15-25
Rabies Vaccine$15-25
4DX (heartworm/lyme/ehrliccia/$30-50
heartworm meds$12-18 (1 Month  dose)
flea meds$12-18 (1 mo dose)
Total basic vetting

Cost for Common Issues

Additional costs that may be incurred or illnesses that sometimes must be treated:

Diagnosis of Wobbler’s Disease$100-200
Gold Bead Implants for Wobbler’s$1200-2400
Bloat Surgery$3500-6000
Teeth Cleaning$300-500
Happy Tail$200-600
Cherry Eye$250-500
Urinary Tract Infection$150-600
Heartworm Treatment$800-1200
Lyme Disease$80-150
torn ACL$3000-6000

This does not include the cost of food while the dog lives at the foster home ($40-80/month for grain free kibble) nor any of the other “basics” like collar, leash, toys, and most of all TIME and LOVE. How can you put a price on those?