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e4b16c_4761abad668e41e2b8f5d24f94f6acab(Based on Northeastern All Retriever Rescue and German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc’s process.)

In order to maximize your chances at finding a good forever home for your dog, certain steps should be followed:

  • First and foremost, determine if you really need a new home for your dog. Contact us or a local trainer (see resources page) and you’ll find valuable resources.
  • Plan. Most people who must find a home for their dog don’t plan on it. Unfortunately, finding the proper home takes time. A time crunch can mean the difference between life and death to your dog. Sometimes there are no other options but the shelter.
  • Get your dog spayed or neutered. Spayed/neutered dogs are more adoptable and prevent unwanted puppies. Also update, if necessary, your dog’s vaccinations and keep records handy.
  • If your dog is a purebred purchased from a breeder, contact the breeder. Ethical breeders feel responsible for every puppy, each life they have had a hand in creating. They will often take the dog back and assume responsibility for finding him/her a good home. Good breeders often have waiting lists of people wanting a puppy who might consider adopting an adult dog.
  • Assess your dog. Take some time to write out a list of good and bad points about your dog. This will help you develop an honest evaluation of your own dog.
  • Be honest. Tell any interested party everything about your dog. Do not leave out anything. If you hide a problem, it will only come out later.
  • Network with friends/relatives/co-workers. There could be someone you know who just might consider adopting your dog.
  • Take the time to wait for the right owner. Interview, meet your dog’s prospective owner.

20140512_194235 (1)Courtesy Listings

If we cannot take your dog for whatever reason or you are rescuing the dog from another party and need help finding a home, we may be able to list your dog as a courtesy listing.

Courtesy listings are just that–a courtesy to the owner or rescuer who is looking for a good home for a giant dog. There are some basic requirements that must be met for the giant dog to be listed as a courtesy listing:
  1. The dog must be a giant breed dog or mixed giant breed dog over 90 lbs in weight.
  2. Screening and adoption of the dog is not Peaceful Paw’s responsibility, although we are often happy to help with home checks, transports, etc.
  3. The dog must not have a bite history.
  4. The dog must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations.
  • Peaceful Paws won’t support the adoption of intact dogs–we want to help resolve the pet overpopulation policy, not help it along.
  • At least one good quality photo should be provided to us along with a short writeup.
  • You must identify whether the dog is good with other dogs, cats or kids.
  • We will not be held responsible for any problems/issues that may occur, and do not consider courtesy listings to be Peaceful Paws dogs.