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Shelters and humane societies were created to care for stray and abused animals. They weren’t meant to be a drop-off for people who don’t want their pets anymore.


Shelters, on average, take in 100 new animals or more each day. Let’s face it — there won’t be enough good homes for all of them. Even the best shelters can’t boast much more than a 50% adoption rates.e4b16c_73923ace0d174f0aa6d473e287f7cd48


Only the youngest, friendliest, cutest and best-behaved dogs are going to be adopted. By law, stray pets must be kept several days for their owners to reclaim them. They may not be destroyed until that period is up.


These laws don’t protect dogs that have been given up by their owners. They may be destroyed at any time.


Shelters don’t want to kill all these animals, but they don’t have a choice. There just isn’t enough room for all of them. Shelters today are so overcrowded that your dog could be killed the same day it arrives.


A shelter should be your last resort only after all your best efforts have failed. And it should not be a threat you wield when talking to us about helping your dog.e4b16c_68937d8214fa4edbbaa4ab24a0ade8f9


We might also be able to offer possible solutions for helping you keep your loving animal friend.  We would love to talk to you about possible training methods and give you some resources in order to help your family.