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Cat /Kitten Adopt Form

If Renting you will need to provide permission from the property manager allowing this breed or pet and that you have paid pet deposit to your manager if required in your lease.

Are you moving/ relocating ?____________ When?_______

Managers contact information _________________________________________________________

I certify that I am 21 years of age . Initial ____

Are you willing to have a visit to your home before or after this adoption? _____

Do you live within an hour of our adoption location________

Will you have this cat declawed No ___ Yes ____If Yes Why?_____________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Not sure___ What reasons would make you declaw this cat ?____________________________

Is anyone in your home allergic to cat fur?______

Applicant Name: ___________________________________________Age___

Co-Applicant Name:________________________________________Age____


Zipcode______________ Phone: __________________________________

Email:__________________________________ Can we text you?_____

Name of companion you are interested in adopting with us ____________________

Do YOU HAVE HANDS ON Experience with the breed of pet you are interested in adopting?________

Current companions: Dogs, #___ Cats, #____ Is your cat Declawed_______

Pets Ages_______________________Breeds____________________Other pets______________

Are they Spayed / Neutered?_____ IF NO, Why?________________________________________

Are your pets Indoor__ Outdoor__ Both__ Pet door___ Garage____ kennel___ Other_______

Who is your current Veterinarian___________________________________Phone____________________________

Do you have a vehicle to take this pet to a veterinarian? Yes__ No___

What brand of pet food will you feed this pet as a regular diet____________ Flea Products_______

How many hours each day will this pet be alone______________________________

Companion History: When did you last care for a companion? _______age of pet_____

Were they spayed/neutered ? ____Were they indoor or outdoor?_________

Where is this companion now?_________________________________________

Have you had experience with kittens that scratch when they are young and playing?

If cat jumps on tables or furniture will this bother you? ___ Explain__________________________

Do you and family understand cats may scratch when frightened or constantly handled?

What type or Brand Litter will you use_____________ How often will you scoop the box?________________________________________________________________________________

When you are not home where will this companion be _________________________

Will this cat be indoor____ Outdoor____ Both____ Kept in another room_____ be caged_____

Going Away, vacation, work trips etc.

Will you take companion with you ?___ Have a Petsitter ___Board ____Take to family ,friend, neighbor home_____ Friend ,family, neighbor, name and phone_______________________________________

List everyone living in your home or visiting on a regular basis, weekends etc.

Adults ages __________roommates______ children ages__________ grandchildren ages______________________ _____________________________________________

Are you In a House____ Apartment___ Condo___ Mobile Home___ Hotel___ Temp housing___

Buying __ Renting __ Military Housing__ Living with someone ___ Month to Month ___

If you move, are deployed, have a baby, have a family member move in ,Will you keep this pet?____ Does your Job require traveling or relocating ?_____

If you must give up this companion do you have family who can care for them?______________

If you are unable to care for this pet where will pet go? __________________________________

What would cause you to give up this companion?______________________________________

Applicant Employment _________________________ Phone________________ supervisor________________

Co-Applicant Employment ____________________Phone____________________

REFERENCES, Please list references, Pet sitter, Groomer, Neighbor, Friend, Co worker

1. Name_________________________________ Phone #(____)_________________

2. Name________________________________________ Phone #(____)_________________

By signing below I attest that I have Never been convicted of animal abuse, Animal cruelty,

Neglect or abandonment in the state of Virginia Or any other state or country.

Any untruthful answers or not meeting the requirements for this adoption can result in the forfeiture of the companion adopted by me?

I have read this Form and understand that applying does not ensure approval. Visiting a companion does not ensure Adoption.

Applicant Name Print_______________________________Date_____

Applicant Signature________________________________Date_____

Co-Applicant Name print____________________________________Date_______

Co-applicant Signature______________________________________Date_______


Application reveiwed by: ____________________________________Date________