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Border Collie
Black - with White
Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg) (when grown)
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REQUIRES A SECURE FENCE.  Gus needs to be placed in a home without children.  Gus is being fostered in Plymouth, Indiana

Gus is a 10 year old male Border Collie that we took in from a hoarding situation in Central Indiana.  He has come a long way with his social skills but he will need someone who will be very patient with him. His foster says that he will mingle when people come for meet and greets with the other dogs, but he does not yet approach strangers.  He is good with cats and dogs, loves chew bones and will chase balls, Gus does well with a routine and would do best placed in a home with a canine companion.

Gus has come a long way....but still has miles to go. He loves, loves, loves playing with other dogs and I think that has really saved him. He is one of the first dogs to welcome new dogs and initiate play. He is good with dogs of all sizes....toy to giant.

He willingly follows me around through the yards and is always very curious about what I'm up to. He comes within sight when I call him. He comes inside when called and seeks out his crate. With the every day routine he is great....outside of his 'normal' tasks or outside of his familiar play yard he is non-functional and very much a flight risk. He is excellent in his crate. Good with kitties. Still won't come up to me for any type of touching. He does like to come sniff me though if I am very still. He loves tennis balls and chew bones. When I do need to handle him....he will just freeze and tolerate it. And surprisingly he is good in the bathtub. ....again will freeze and tolerate it....but doesn't try to bolt or escape during his bath time. Tolerates nail trimming as well. This poor guy.....he will never be what we think of as 'Normal' but he is slowly finding out who he is and what he will be fascinating to see what a year will bring....

I think Gus and his mother, Livie (as they are very similar), both need to go to a home that wants a lifetime project, someone with an endless supply of patience and someone that doesn't really 'need' anything from their dog. He definitely needs to go to a home with another dog as he feels more safe when he has a buddy.....and they would need a super secure fenced yard.

Gus – If you can imagine how a feral barn kitty behaves and flees from perceived danger…..that will pretty much give you an idea of Gus. He is basically feral. In the time that he has been with me he has become very good at everything that he can predict and what becomes a routine in his day to day activities.

He knows how to get to the door to go outside, he goes to the proper gate to get in to his play yard area, he will come when called from his play yard to the door to come back inside, he will go find his crate and go in voluntarily. Just this past week or so he has been starting to want to approach me while other dogs are near me to get some good sniffs. I just ignore him and let him do his thing and I try not to put any social pressure on him whatsoever.

His interactions with other dogs has progressed much more rapidly. He loves meeting new dogs and regularly initiates play with other dogs. He really enjoys chew time with hard bones, 
nylabones, etc… and he will chase after balls then will act silly playing with the ball by himself. He was actually quite good for his bath and nail trim…..frozen as you can imagine…but didn’t try to constantly flee like Livie does.

When riding in the car he needs to be in a plastic crate… a wire crate he is frantic and tries to chew out of crate and screams like he is being killed….in the plastic crate he is calm and quiet and rides very well. At the dog school he is learning to follow pressure from the leash on his collar…..but in a new environment such as the vet…where he can see the great outdoors….he will frantically fight the leash and act completely feral….. I carry him whenever we leave his familiar and safe little world.

He will need a super secure, most likely a privacy fenced yard….he does know how to dig in corners of fences and I have had to block all my corners, even with having the turf down. He should NEVER be left outside unattended…he is a major flight risk
 and would be extremely difficult to catch.

A new adopter would need to let him drag a line for several weeks until he could settle in to a new routine. The person that will best be suited for Gus and Livie for that matter… someone looking for a project… actually SAVE a dog. A person that has no expectations and is just patient and willing to let things progress at a slow speed.

He has tried but just struggles with himself about if it is safe to approach humans. I think another dog in the home is a good idea because he does really enjoy playing with other doggies and he is fine with cats. (9/24/14)

Gus is being fostered at Stephany's in Plymouth, Indiana. You can send her an email at if you have any specific questions about this shy little boy.  If you have any general questions about our adoption process, please go to the Adoption Info page on our website at

 ***  The potential adoptor will get a refund on the Application Fee if it’s determined by the Foster Parent that it’s not a good match for the dog and the dog for them.***

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Come Bye Border Collie Rescue

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P.O. Box 332, Highland, IL 62249

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Our rescue strives to find the perfect home for each and every dog that we accept. Our volunteers screen every potential adopter to ensure the safety and happiness of the dog(s) placed. Applicants are screened via telephone interview, reference checks, veterinary history and home visit to ensure the safety and well being of each dog we place. We have a high rate of success in our placement of border collies in adoptive homes.

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Each dog we rescue is placed in a private foster home. It is the role of the foster family to provide love, veterinary care and training to each foster dog.

Once in foster care, the foster home will arrange veterinary care (paid for by Come Bye BC Rescue) to ensure the health of the animal. Each dog is given a complete exam, spayed or neutered, heartworm tested, brought up to date on vaccinations and treated for any medical problems they may have. Some of the dogs we rescue have significant medical issues. We are very proactive in addressing any diagnosed or suspected medical problems, including the recruitment of specialists to treat the condition and, if necessary conduct surgery and advise on rehabilitation. Dogs are not discriminated against based on health issues.

Many of the dogs we rescue have never lived in a home or know what a toy is and need to be taught to play. Foster homes provide the training necessary for each dog to learn manners, housebreaking and basic obedience. Many dogs have had little to no human affection and attention. One of the most important jobs of the foster home is to teach a dog to trust humans.

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Our mission is to rescue and successfully re-home border collies. It is our belief that dogs of sound temperament should be given every chance to lead a happy, healthy and fruitful life. In support of our mission, we also offer training resources and support to current owners experiencing behavior issues with their border collies. We do this in the hope that these dogs are able to stay in their existing homes and do not end up at a shelter or in a rescue. Unfortunately, there are far more wonderful border collies in need than can be saved.

We are an all-volunteer organization staffed by individuals committed to saving this wonderful breed. Some of our volunteers have little experience with border collies, while some possess over a decade of working with border collies. We work extensively with many other border collie and all breed rescues.

What We Do--
We rescue border collies. We educate people.

Why We Do It--
Many people are interested in adopting a border collie because the breed has been labeled as the "smartest dog." With intelligence comes responsibility, and it is this lack of responsibility on the part of the owner, which results in many border collies ending up in a rescue or a shelter.

The volunteers at Come Bye BC Rescue all have a love for dogs, but a particular passion for border collies. It is this passion that moves us toward our goal of finding loving forever homes for these wonderful dogs, while continually serving as an education and training resource for both current and prospective border collie owners.