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My name is Olivia!

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Border Collie
Black - with White
(When grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
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Small red x Not good with kids
Small blue checkmark Good with dogs
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You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.

Please contact for more information about this pet.REQUIRES A SECURE FENCE.


Livie needs to be placed in a home without children.

Livie is a 12 1/2 year old female Border Collie being fostered in Plymouth, Indiana.  Livie will need a family who will be patient with her.  Please contact if you have any questions about Livie.  You can complete an application to adopt Livie or any of the dogs on our website at

 – again a feral barn cat will give you an idea of her flight response. When she was with her puppies she was much easier to handle. Now that she wants nothing to do with her pups, she is back to avoiding being handled. She also is very good at her day to day routine….as long as she can predict what is needed from her she is very compliant.

She goes in and out well on her own. Comes to the door when called to come inside…finds her crate and readily goes in without any help or encouragement. In the play yard she mostly just enjoys napping in the sun…..she doesn’t want to play with other dogs. She will typically watch me as I am moving around the yard and if the gates are open into the other play yards, she will readily follow me to see what I am doing in the other yards. She seems to like to be around me, she just doesn’t want me to approach her. There are times that I do approach her and need to approach her……and I basically have to catch her. Once caught she will tolerate handling.

She is clearly afraid but 
will just freeze and go inside herself and cope with it….she has never tried to bite or get me out of her space by growling, showing of the teeth or anything like that….. she just is frozen stiff…..then once she feels she can escape, she will get away from me…..but again will turn around and watch me…if I call her to her crate or to the door she will still come back in to my space to comply.

Livie and her son, Gus, are adaptable but they will likely never be dogs that will do well outside of what is familiar, predictable and safe. Taking them EVERYWHERE is not the life they will enjoy. Livie is more stressed for bathing and typically tries to escape during bathing time.

She rides well in a plastic crate in a vehicle. She can also ride loose and does ok, but since she is such a flight risk, I have her ride crated. She loves the Nature’s Variety Raw medallions and actually gets a look of excitement in her eyes when I offer them to her….they are the only thing that she will currently take from my hand. She also enjoys bully sticks when she is outside of her crate…..she won’t chew them when in her crate.

Again, she is a project dog and will need an adopter without expectations, just one that is calm, patient and understanding of the trauma that 
Livie has likely endured for her entire life. The psychological damage is always going to be there……she is adaptable and can learn a routine…but will never be great with the “unfamiliar” (9/24/14)

 ***  The potential adoptor will get a refund on the Application Fee if it’s determined by the Foster Parent that it’s not a good match for the dog and the dog for them.***

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April 1, 2023, 12:41 pm

Come Bye Border Collie Rescue - Northern Division

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Plymouth, IN 46563

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Come Bye BC Rescue takes great pride in placing our foster dogs in a home that is best suited to each dog's individual personality, temperament, and activity level. We will do a phone interview with you, a veterinarian reference check, personal reference checks, conduct a home visit, and do whatever else is needed to verify all the information on your application. We want to be sure that you and your new dog are a good match, so that each placement is a permanent one. The adoption process is our way of getting to know you, your family, and your lifestyle. First and foremost, the Rescue's main responsibility is to our foster dogs. Additional information on our adoption process may be found at

More about this rescue

Come Bye BC Rescue is an Illinois-licensed, not for profit rescue organization dedicated to the rescue of border collies. Our western boundaries extend as far west as Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and as far east as Ann Arbor, Michigan. Started as an all breed rescue in 2002, we soon found ourselves devoting most of our efforts to saving border collies. Incorporated in Illinois as Animal Protective Association of So. Illinois, we are also known as Come Bye Border Collie Rescue to more accurately reflect our passion for the border collie breed. Our mission is to rescue and successfully re-home border collies. It is our belief that dogs of sound temperament should be given every chance to lead a happy, healthy and fruitful life. In support of our mission, we also offer training resources and support to current owners experiencing behavior issues with their border collies. We do this in the hope that these dogs are able to stay in their existing homes and do not end up at a shelter or in a rescue. Unfortunately, there are far more wonderful border collies in need than can be saved. We are an all-volunteer organization staffed by individuals committed to saving this wonderful breed. Some of our volunteers have little experience with border collies, while some possess over a decade of working with border collies. We work extensively with many other border collie and all breed rescues.

We rescue border collies. We educate people. Each dog we rescue is placed in a private foster home. It is the role of the foster family to provide love, veterinary care and training to each foster dog. Once in foster care, the foster home will arrange veterinary care (paid for by Come Bye BC Rescue) to ensure the health of the animal. Each dog is given a complete exam, spayed or neutered, heartworm tested, brought up to date on vaccinations and treated for any medical problems they may have. Some of the dogs we rescue have significant medical issues. We are very proactive in addressing any diagnosed or suspected medical problems, including the recruitment of specialists to treat the condition and, if necessary conduct surgery and advise on rehabilitation. Dogs are not discriminated against based on health issues. Many of the dogs we rescue have never lived in a home or know what a toy is and need to be taught to play. Foster homes provide the training necessary for each dog to learn manners, housebreaking and basic obedience. Many dogs have had little to no human affection and attention. One of the most important jobs of the foster home is to teach a dog to trust humans. Our rescue strives to find the perfect home for each and every dog that we accept. Our volunteers screen every potential adopter to ensure the safety and happiness of each dog placed. Applicants are thoroughly screened via telephone interview, reference checks, veterinary history and home visit. We have a high rate of success in our placement of border collies in adoptive homes.

Many people are interested in adopting a border collie because the breed has been labeled as the "smartest dog." With intelligence comes responsibility, and it is this lack of responsibility on the part of the owner which results in many border collies ending up in a rescue or a shelter. The volunteers at Come Bye BC Rescue all have a love for dogs, but a particular passion for border collies. It is this passion that moves us toward our goal of finding loving forever homes for these wonderful dogs, while continually serving as an education and training resource for both current and prospective border collie owners.