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My name is Maya!

Posted over 8 years ago | Updated over 7 years ago

My basic info

American Pit Bull Terrier/Rat Terrier
Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg) (when grown)
Pet ID

My details

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Checkmark in teal circle Needs experienced adopter
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My story

Here's what the humans have to say about me:

Poor Maya!! She came to us from a cruelty case where she was taken in by animal control along with her three puppies. Her pups look like some kind of small hound mixes and are in foster homes. Now Maya wants a home of her own. She is approximately one to two years old (most likely closer to one).

UPDATE!!! (10/30/15) - Maya has been with us for a few months now and she is really coming out of her shell! She has been attending training classes and is doing wonderfully! She's a star student and quick learner. Within two sessions she was walking on the leash right next to her foster mom and now after more sessions she is following all kinds of commands. Maya likes to show off her new skills and would love to meet you to impress you as well. She is house trained and crate trained. although she has some puppy energy, when she calms down she loves to snuggle in your lap. She even gets to go to work with her foster mom sometimes and enjoys being the office mascot. Do not judge this book by it's cover - there is way more under that white fur than meets the eye!
She was placed in boarding before we could bring her into our rescue and here's what the people there said about her: Maya is such a sweetheart. She is so much smaller in stature than I thought. She is still very skinny but they are working hard to put some weight on her. She has been through so much and has obviously been very mistreated and I have to say, she holds no grudge at all. She seems to know that she's safe. She wasn't shy or unsure with me at all. Pictures were tough because she just wanted to be in my lap the whole time. She let me pick her up and nuzzled her head in to my neck.
Here is what the volunteer said on her second visit to work with Maya: One of the staff members found 4 itty bitty kittens yesterday so they were hanging out in a kennel in the lobby. This was helpful for cat testing. Maya pulled on the leash wanting to go over to check them out so I wasn't hopeful initially. We walked a few laps to get her wiggles out and then she was able to approach the kennel calmly and sniffed once or twice and then walked away. I can't say for sure that she would be fine with cats or that she wouldn't chase if one ran, but she was not the least bit aggressive toward them. She and I worked on "sit" and leash walking. She liked the treats but wasn't too motivated by them. I found I could reward her just with petting her which made me sad for what her life was like before. She got "sit" after a little while but she doesn't do the typical sit. Instead she sits on your feet with her back to you and looks over her shoulder to get her treat while leaning in to you. I think she'll be more responsive to treats as she settles in. She tends to pull a good bit on leash so we worked on that as well and she caught on pretty quick. I also had her chase me around a little. I know this sounds weird but I like to do this with new dogs so that if they were to ever get away you could start running in the opposite direction and get them to chase you easily rather than having to try to catch them. It's also a good test to see if they have any "herding" proclivities like nipping or jumping up. She doesn't do any nipping. She jumps a little but responds quickly to "down". She also gives hugs. I was kneeling on the floor and she jumped up and put one paw on each of my shoulders and nuzzled her head in to my chest. It was the sweetest thing!

She can be selective about her doggy friends right now but that could be due to a combination of factors and as she settles in and learns that life can be good, we hope she will become more open to meeting new doggy friends. Maya really is a sweet girl that is probably experiencing love from a human for the first time in her life. She is up to date on vaccines, spayed and microchipped. Now all she needs is the perfect adopter!

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