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My name is REMI!

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Domestic Shorthair
Orange or Red (Mostly)
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REMI - F, Tan/White, approximately 4 1/2 years old. Remi is a sweet girl who is a tad bit in the shy side. She is a cat that can totally entertain herself. She is great entertainment and lots of fun to watch. She would love to be your one and only girl. She is litter box trained, spayed, FeLV/FIV negative and up to date on her vaccinations. If you are interested in making this girl, part of your family, please contact Jan at (580) 678-0046.
October 1, 2022, 12:23 pm


Lawton-Comanche County Humane Society

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Lawton, OK 73502

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HUMANE SOCIETY OF LAWTON, COMANCHE COUNTY P. O. BOX 3134 LAWTON, OK 73502 ADOPTION AGREEMENT 1. I will provide the adopted cat (s) dog (s) with a good and safe home. 2. I will keep up with the pet’s yearly required shots and seek veterinary assistance in case of an illness or emergency. 3. I have no objection against a Humane Society of Lawton, Comanche County agent requesting a home visit prior to adoption, and coming to my home to check up on the adopted pet (s) after the adoption. 4. If unforeseen circumstances should occur, I agree to return the adopted pet to the Humane Society of Lawton, Comanche County. 5. The Humane Society of Lawton, Comanche County is strictly against de-clawing cats, and de-barking dogs. This type of surgery is considered extremely cruel, and renders the animal totally defenseless when faced with danger. 6. All the pets, which are on our adoption list, have already been neutered or spayed. They have a clean bill of health, and have had their initial rabies shot for adult pets or booster shot for pets under 6 months old. Kittens/puppies will require another booster shot within 3 months after adoption. The Humane Society of Lawton, Comanche County requests an adoption fee of $45.00 for cats and $60.00 for dogs, to defray the cost of neuter/spay shots, and fostering expenses. __________________________________________________________________________ Pet name(s):_________________________ Birth Date:_________________________ Breed(s):___________________________ Gender:____________________________ Applicants Name:_________________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________________________________________________ Occupation:______________________________________________________________ Do you rent?:______________________ Own?:________________________________ If you rent, does your landlord allow pets? Yes_______________ No_______________ Your landlord’s name and telephone number:____________________________________ Are there children in your household?______________ Ages:___________________ ___ Reference:______________________________________________________________ Reference:______________________________________________________________ Your veterinarians name:___________________________________________________ If adopting a cat, will it be an indoor cat?: Yes______________ No_________________ If adopting a dog, do you have a fenced yard? Yes_____________ No_______________ Have you owned an animal previously? Yes_______________ No_______________ For how long?____________________________________________________________ What happened to the animal?_______________________________________________ What are your reasons for wanting to adopt this animal?___________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 7. I declare that the information that I have provided in this application is correct. I further declare that I am financially and physically able to take care of this animal. 8. If a home visit reveals falsification of any facts on my part, the Humane Society has the right to refuse or nullify the adoption and reclaim the animal from the premises without reimbursement of the adoption donation. 9. Each year, the local animal shelter euthanizes over 4,300 cats & dogs, which have been abandoned or dumped by irresponsible pet owners. We strongly urge pet owners to neuter or spay their pets in order to avoid unwanted litters, and to reduce the pet overpopulation. Our objective goal is to eliminate the unnecessary slaughter of thousands of innocent creatures. Please help us support our worthy cause. We are a non-profit organization and contributions, which are tax exempt, are

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By appt only. Please call 580-395-4523 or 580-695-0206

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The Humane Society of Lawton - Comanche County has received many calls from people who are under the impression that our organization is affiliated with the City Animal Shelter. Hence, we wish to clarify the mission, goals and objectives of our organization. The Humane Society operates on tax-deductable donations, membership dues, and fundraisers. Our organization receives no public funds, and has no formal affiliation with the Lawton Animal Shelter. Our primary mission is to educate the public about the necessity of spaying and neutering their domestic pets, and to assist those individuals who are low income and have limited resources to spay and neuter their companion animals. We are NOT primarily a rescue organization because we do not own or operate a shelter. However, we do have some animals which are available for adoption, that are being kept in local foster homes. We require an adoption application to ensure that these animals are placed into good homes, and an adoption fee of $85.00 for cats and $100.00 for dogs, which goes to defray the expense of sterilization, vaccinations and fostering. The City Animal Shelter euthanizes over 4300 cats and doges each year. These numbers should be of great concern to the citizens of Lawton because not only is it inhumane, but it is also a vast waste of taxpayer dollars. These unfortunate animals die because their owners do not have them spayed or neutered and abandon them without concern for the suffering that they will endure as they struggle to survive. The Oklahoma Anti-Cruelty Statute, Title 21, part 7, Chapter 67, Bill 1685, clearly states that any animal abuse, mistreatment or negligence, is considered a felony and penalized by law accordingly. Isn't it ironic that we seldom hear about people convicted of animal cruelty, but there have been several instances of people fined and prosecuted for feeding abandoned and hungry animals? Irresponsible pet owners are the ones that are responsible for this cruelty and negligence, and in the long run, both the animals and the taxpayers pay the price. The Humane Society of Lawton-Comanche County believes that spaying and neutering healthy animals is the obvious first step in the solution to the problem of the over population of unwanted pets in our community. The Humane Society is a small organization, which will continue to work towards a solution to the problem, but we can not solve the problem alone. It is also the responsibility of pet owners to do their part in helping to control the population by having their pet spayed or neutered.