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My name is Vlad - SANCTUARY!
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Xoloitzcuintle/Mexican Hairless
Black - with White
(When grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
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My story

Vlad is one of our sanctuary dogs. He is a Mexican hairless dog who came from an unfortunate background and lived on a property with other hoarded dogs. His experiences have rendered him not able to be adopted, but you can sponsor Vlad by making a monthly or a one-time donation.

Thank you for your support and caring.

Prized as both a companion and guard dog, the Xoloitzcuintli maintains a calm demeanor even as it remains attentive to its surroundings. It is an intelligent breed, and generally takes to training easily, as long as the training is gentle and consistent. The Xolo will not respond well to harsh training methods.

While the adult Xolo is known for being composed and relaxed, the Xolo puppy, like many young animals, is more high energy and will require more daily exercise and attention – and lots of chew toys. If this is given appropriately and as needed and training is consistent and enforced with affection, the Xolo puppy will grow into an admirable and reliable representative for its breed.

The Xolo does retain some of its more primitive characteristics, chiefly as a hunter of small game, so its environment should be one in which it will not be able to easily escape (e.g., high fences, closed gates).

Humans have long believed that the Xolo’s warm, soft skin radiates healing energy, so as part of its natural evolution has been in alignment with its human companions, the Xolo has developed a strong sense of tranquility and patience with humans. The Xolo is believed to relieve the pains associated with rheumatism and head pains, as well as to help relieve insomnia.

The Xoloitzcuintli needs very little grooming. Generally, a soft, warm cloth to cleanse the skin is sufficient. Exercise needs are moderate. Daily walks or jogs and outdoor play during warm weather will benefit the Xolo’s health. Skin care should be undertaken carefully, with regular checks to make sure the skin has not become too dry. Skin care products, lotions, shampoos or anything that has the potential to irritate the skin should be avoided.

With these precautions in mind, keeping your Xolo safe from harsh sunlight, as well as protecting it from cold temperatures will be main concerns. Because they are sensitive to climate, Xolos are considered indoor dogs. They should never be left outdoors for long periods of time. During cold seasons, your Xolo may be more comfortable wearing a sweater, and of course, spending as little time outdoors in the cold as possible.

As a result of its natural evolution, the Xoloitzcuintli is a vigorous and healthy breed, with very few health concerns. As previously mentioned, the skin should be protected from chemicals, sun, and temperate changes. When products are needed, stick to skin care products that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin (like baby sun block, baby lotion, etc.). It is always a good idea to check with your veterinarian before using anything new on your Xolo’s skin.

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In order to adopt from our rescue, an adoption application must be completed first (at Http:// and a home visit must be completed before an adoption can be performed. Our adoption fees vary based upon the health and age of each individual dog. Please note: We spend a great deal of money on our adult and senior dogs to ensure that they receive appropriate medical care and treatment. The adoption fees help to recuperate some of these costs so that we can continue our rescue endeavors.

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The dogs that we accept into our rescue program are primarily from high-kill animal shelters but we also regularly accept owner surrenders as well, depending upon the amount of space within the rescue. Our dogs are fostered in loving foster homes until they are adopted into their forever homes. They are all spayed/neutered (unless there is a medical condition preventing a safe spay/neuter), microchipped, and vaccinated. Some dogs also receive a dental cleaning when medically recommended. Our goal is to find the best and most appropriate home for each individual dog.