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My name is Woody!
I'm being cared for by
Horse Feathers Equine Center
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(When grown) Medium
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No Out of State Adoptions-Oklahoma Only

Woody gets a belly ache with weather changes, NOT colic. Currently he appears to be growing out of it and we have not been giving him banamine.

Woody has so much personality that he loves to be around people, loves being a jester and making you laugh. He will follow you around, tug your shirt sleeve, wiggle his nose on you. Once the weather is good then we will take him into the arena to start Ground Work and teaching him about lunging and tack.

Adoption application and contract required

Adoption Fee: $500

Horse Feathers Equine Center

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Cheri White Owl
6320 N Highway 74C, Guthrie, OK 73044

Their adoption process


Submit Application

Email for application. Does not infer accepted to adopt. Will verify application information, contact for appt to see horse.


Meet the Pet

Must meet to see if a good fit and possibly be required too work with the horse to determine if capable of handling a horse, etc


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IF approved then signing contract, pay fee and arrange pick up.

Additional adoption info

Our Adoption process is an application, you can fill it out and submit it to us. Just because you submit an application is not a guaranteed approval. We have many factors including researching or doing background checks when needed to make sure that the horses that we have cared for go into qualified homes. If you are approved for adoption then there is a contract that you are required to sign. We ask that you read the contract before beginning this process. We have a STRICT NO breeding clause. There are many horses out there that need homes that breeding more is not necessary. We also require that if you no longer can care for or want the horse that it MUST return to the facility. This is to prohibit them from going into another abusive, neglectful situation OR going to an auction/slaughter. Please understand this and also that we require the ability to do site checks on the horse/s. This is to verify that they are being cared for and to stay in touch, bringing a support system when needed to the adopter. If you have questions, concerns or issues with the horse after adopting we would like to be available to help assist. If you have further questions email us.

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Contact rescue for appointment to see horses and apply. On site at facility is where this takes place.

More about this rescue

Horse Feathers Equine Center is a 501(c)(3) non profit dedicated and committed to providing services to horses that are found to be in need of healthcare, nutrition, and rehabilitation. We will assist abused, neglected and slaughter-bound horses in need on a discretionary basis by rehabilitating, training, and placing them in a forever home.

Every horse we rehabilitate receives medical attention to address all immediate physical needs, and ongoing veterinary, farrier and alternative/holistic care where needed.

We utilize a tailored training program specific to each horse to help them realize their full potential, work within its limitations and work to address the issues that cruelty or neglect has left on their lives.

Our staff uses proven methods and techniques to help our horses become balanced, confident and as productive as possible. The ultimate goal is to find a forever, lifelong home that is a perfect fit for each horse and their adoptive family.

We strive to prevent future cruelty towards horses by educating the community on responsible equine husbandry through hands on instruction, clinics, and classes. Utilizing those not adoptable gives a second chance at a purpose and fulfilled life.

Those horses not adoptable into a loving forever home due to illness, age, or other circumstances will remain at the facility to live their lives out in a humane fashion. Those deemed able to participate, will be used to assist with EAGALA, Equine Assisted Therapy, helping those who come for issues such as PTSD, Trauma, Developmental Disorders, Drug & Alcohol issues, and any other Mental Health disorder.