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My name is Nori!

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The Chick With Pits

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Mixed Breed (Medium)/Mastiff
(When grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
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My story

On a late Sunday afternoon, afellow animal loving family pulled up to HQ with a box full of squishy puppies. They had found the puppies nursing on their dead mother and they didn't know what else to do. These folks donated what they could and we took it from there.

After stocking up on puppy formula, we set our alarm clocks for the frequent feedings and zombied our way through the first few weeks. Just like real babies, we had some "picky" ones in the bunch - this one didn't like this bottle, that one preferred this nipple, this one had issues drinking from the bottle, those two eat a bottle a piece, etc. We had just gotten through the infant phase with our own daughter and were back to enjoying our evenings and then we were back in the trenches! Times 8 this time!

From what we can tell, these pups appear to be pit-mastiff mixes, but we like to focus more on personalities than breeds here at The CWP. Nori and her siblings have had their struggles when it comes to meeting new people. Given their rough start to life, this is understandable. We have adopted out 6 of the 8 puppies and each one of them took a little bit longer to open up to their new surroundings. When you interact with Nori here at the rescue, she is everything you expect in a young pup - loving, playful, and goofy. Out in public, she can be a little timid and scared.

Nori has been on many "vacations" with our trainer and after about the third trip, she was more than OK with being away from headquarters. What we are trying to say is - Nori's adopter will need to very patient and very dedicated to his success. She is a really great pup who deserves a chance at a forever home. As long as her forever family is committed to giving her some time to acclimate, we have no doubt that she will become a part of the family.

Please review our adoption page at the full details about the adoption process. Feel free to contact us with any questions! Please keep in mind that we will NOT schedule any meet-and-greets without a completed application first.

The Chick With Pits

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Joanna Goodman
Caddo Mills, TX 75135

Their adoption process

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Qualifications for adoption:
1. Must be 21 years or older with identification showing present address.
2. Must have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in the household.
3. Must receive proof of pet deposit and lease allowing pets if renting.
4. Must be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide any necessary training, medical treatment and responsible care for a pet.

Please understand that we attempt to place our animals in the home best suited to them, therefore, if we feel the animal and applicant are not compatible, we retain the option to deny any application.

The Chick With Pits requests a tax deductible donation for each dog to defray medical and boarding costs, and to further the mission of The Chick With Pits. We also feel a valid argument can be made that households for whom this amount represents an undue burden may well discover the financial demands of pet ownership a difficult burden as well.

By submitting an application you are certifying that the information contained within this application is true and agree to terms established within it.

Our adoption fee for dogs is $175 and is due when the adoption contract is signed.

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More about this rescue

The Chick With Pits was founded by Joanna Goodman in 2013 as a result of her passion for rescuing, rehabiliting, and rehoming animals of all shapes and sizes. As a child, no one was ever surprised at the "critters" she brough home. From hurt field mice to baby birds who had fallen from their nests to newborn opossums she raised and released into a wildlife reserve, Joannna's love for animals started the day she was born. Joanna spent the majority of her adult life in the pet industry working at small pet supply shops and corporate grooming salons. After following her husband during his career in the United States Air Force, the two settled in northeast Texas to begin rescuing animals in an official capacity.

The Chick With Pits is headquarted on Joanna and her husband's property in northeast Texas. Along with her 10 rescued dogs, 4 rescued cats, 4 rescued sugar gliders, and 2 rescued rabbits, Joanna and her leadership team, volunteers, and network of fosters and other supporters provide a no-kill animal rescue and sanctuary for every animal they come across.

The hope is for every animal that passes through the rescue's doors to find a loving forever home, but many animals cannot be rehomed for a variety of reasons. In those situations, The Chick With Pits provides a sanctuary for those animals to live the rest of their lives in an environment where they receive the proper attention they deserve through generous sponsorships of kennels.

Joanna considers herself "The Chick With Pits" because she has owned a variety of pit bull and pit bull mixes and treasures their loyalty, compassion, and intelligence despite the negative perception of the breed. In addition to the rescue and sanctuary, Joanna owns and operates The Chick With Pits Pet Services, which is a full-service pet services provider donating 25% of its profits to the rescue operations of its sister-company.