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My name is Lilly!
I'm being cared for by
Safe Haven of Iowa County

Facts about me

Boxer/Hound (Unknown Type)
Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut - with White
(When grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Pet ID

My info

Small blue checkmark Good with kids
Small red x Not good with dogs
Small red x Not good with cats
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My story

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.

Lilly is quite the special lady at Safe Haven - starting with her arrival in November as she flew in from a pound in Indiana on the volunteer 'Pilots-n-Paws' flight program!  She won over the hearts of all that cared for her in Indiana, as well as all of us at Safe Haven! 

Because Lilly had a serious infection in her uterus (Pyometra) and the malnourished state she was in - her condition was critical!  We were happy we had room and wonderful volunteers devoted to take Lilly in and slowly turn this sweet pup's life around!

Lilly doesn't seem to appreciate any of the dogs in the shelter, and we feel she may likely do best in a home with no other pets.  She is a 100% lover and cuddlebug - never met a couch she didn't like to cuddle on! :) She also does a fantastic job at keeping her kennel clean, so she appears to be housebroken.  We also have decided Lilly must have a little 'Hound' mix in her because she loves to howl in her kennel, and sniffing around on her walk is also a favorite past time.  It has been fun watching her blossom into the great dog she is, and guess what type of mix she is!

When Lilly first arrived she had multiple health concerns, including being severely underweight. She hardly had any hair on her body, and her skin was very red and inflammed in several areas.  We are happy to report that she has steadily gained weight (almost 20 pounds) and is looking much better.  Lilly's bloodwork also revealed that she has a thyroid condition (hypothyroidism) which was definitely contributing to her poor overall health and lack of hair.  After starting multiple medications (for thyroid, fungal infection, medicated shampoo, and possible skin allergies)  she definitely looks so much better, and she will likely need to continue on at least the thyroid medication for her entire life. Lilly does not do well with cats at all, and is very selective about her dog friends - so she will be happiest as an only pet, and with a family that understands she would not do well at dog parks, trails, or other places where other dogs may be visiting too. 

After a couple months of steady improvements when Lilly first arrived to Safe Haven, she still seemed to have a few lingering issues with her coat and skin.  At times the skin on her feet, belly and face turn red, and she has even broke out in hives a few times - so on 3/11/2020 Lilly went to an appointment with a specialty vet (Dermatologist) at Eastern Iowa Vet Specialty Center in Cedar Rapids.  The vet is making some adjustments with Lilly's medication to try and help determine if she may have any environmental or food allergies. Depending on Lilly's response, we may need to do actual allergy testing.  We hope to have some answers in a month. We are determined to help Lilly feel and look even better.  We feel Lilly is stable enough for us to start looking for Lilly's FOREVER HOME and hope that her family will love her as deeply as we do!

*Update June 2020 - Lilly is doing great on her current medication.  She does have one prescription medication for her thyroid condition which requires her to take daily thyroid medication.  This condition is likely to be a lifelong condition for Lilly, so her forever family will need to be willing to monitor this condition and ensure she has her thyroid levels tested annually and receives her medication.  If needed, Safe Haven may be able to financially help with these expenses - as our goal is to help Lilly find a family to love her uncoditionally!  She does still have occasional and temporary flare ups of red skin on her feet and sometimes belly and face - but that has gotten much better over the past couple months.  Lilly receives regularly scheduled medicated baths that seems to help, and she also eats a sensitive skin food.  

*Update 11/1/20 - Lilly just never seemed to completely overcome her flare-ups of red, itchy skin - so the Dermatologist Vet started an allergy food trial this summer to see if this would improve her skin/coat condition - but after a couple months with no improvements, Lilly did have environmental allergy testing done in October which revealed she does have many different allergies to the world around her......including to different grasses, wildflowers, dust and dust mites, spiders, and corn - just to name a few. While these results with so many allergies were disappointing, they did not really come as any suprise and at least we now know exactly what is causing Lilly the most issues.  She is now taking daily immunotherapy medication, which is a serum made up of small doses of the things she is allergic to, so that should help her build up a tolerance to these allergies over time.  This immunotherapy process does take up to 12 months to really see it helping Lilly - but we are committed to seeing her through this process, and Safe Haven will continue to pay for this treatment over the next 12 to 18 months, because if the right family comes along we certainly don't want this treatment to deter her adoption! :) 


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December 8, 2022, 9:01 pm

Safe Haven of Iowa County

Contact info
Pet ID
2783 Highway 6 Trail, South Amana, IA 52334

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

It is the policy of Safe Haven of Iowa County that all animals adopted from our facility will be spayed or neutered upon adoption, or the adopter will sign a spay/neuter agreement and follow up with veterinary records once the operation has been complete for puppies and kittens. We firmly believe that controlling the animal population is the only way to reduce the population of animals in rescue facilities such as ours and those shelters that do destroy animals for no reason other than overpopulation.

It is our policy that adoptions are conducted a minimum of 24 hours after your initial visit with the animal and submission of the adoption application. This allows us time to call your references, perform home inspection as well as giving you the opportunity to sleep on your decision and make sure it is what you really want.

Compare the adoption fees below with the routine animal health care and spay / neuter costs you would have to pay. Without the generous help of the local veterinarians we would never be able to include such services at this fee.

We have the right to refuse ANY adoption for ANY reason.

Dogs & Puppies: Adoption fees include spaying or neutering (if under 4 months a voucher is provided for surgery at one of our participating veterinarians), heartworm test, distemper, rabies, worming, ear cleaning, flea control if needed.

Fee: $200.00

Cats & Kittens: Adoption fees include spaying or neutering (if under 4 months a voucher is provided for surgery at one of our participating veterinarians), FeLv and FIV testing, distemper, rabies and worming, ear cleaning, and flea control if needed.

Fee: $50.00

All puppies and kittens adopted without spay/neuter completed will have a contract stating the animals will be altered by the time it is 6 months old. Follow up calls will be made to confirm completion of surgery.

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Call for an apt. 319-622-7387

Mailing Address:

PO Box 444
Williamsburg, IA 52361

More about this rescue

Our Mission
Safe Haven of Iowa County is a rescue organization whose mission is to rescue, protect, spay/neuter and find good homes for stray animals in Iowa County, Iowa. We strive to offer the best in traditional veterinary care with relationships built with local veternarians and, whenever possible, holistic health care for sick and injured animals in our care.
While sheltering homeless pets is vitally important, Safe Haven of Iowa County also understands that pet shelters are not a solution to the nations overpopulation problem. It is essential that we:

-Teach respect for living things

-Reinforce the bond between humans and animals

-advocate for and help provide assistance to large scale spay and nuetering programs

-Teach and model responsible pet ownership

These are all things that will help us in our effort to stop the needless killing of cats and dogs in our shelters and pounds.

We ask that our community understand that while we pamper and care for our pets they are all still missing the most important thing in their life...a loving home and family of thier own.