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My name is Kelda!
I'm being cared for by
House Rabbit Society

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Small blue checkmark Purebred

My story

Kelda is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated against RHDV2 (vaccine needs to be administered annually).

Humans say I'm super smart, with a high bunny IQ. I like to figure out little puzzles that humans make for me. I love all kinds of toys! Especially all the things I can toss around, like stacking cups, and baby keys are my favorite tossing toy. I also like my timothy ball and really, really enjoyed destroying a phone book (try it sometime)!

I like digging on my fleece blanket (sometimes I dig on your feet to get attention, too). What can I say? I love being where the people are! If I give you some gentle nose nudges, I'm trying to say "hey, pet me!" I've also been in a foster home with cats before and it went fine.

By the way, I love seeing you face-to-face. I like it a lot when humans are down on the floor with me. If you lie there long enough, I'll lick you. If you want me to, I'll even groom your entire face, your neck, your forehead, and even your jeans. I love attention and affection and I like to give it, too.

I really enjoy having indoor space to roam and I'm okay with being in a puppy exercise pen overnight. I love hanging out in my carrier or in other cozy places. In the summer I enjoy laying in front of the cool air vent. My favorite veggies are kale, basil, and parsley.

I'm also a brave adventurer. I climb up into the top story of my cardboard castle. I know that if I get to the top of the castle I can get to the dining room table where all the treats are!

Thanks to a very generous donor, my adoption fee has been sponsored! Kelda has an inherited digestive disorder (called megacolon) so he takes oral banana-flavored medicine twice a day -- we're happy to tell you more about this. Ask us more about our friend Kelda!

Submit an adoption application for Kelda at House Rabbit Society is located in Richmond, California, just north of San Francisco. Questions? Email and we'll be happy to talk more with you!

House Rabbit Society

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148 Broadway, Richmond, CA 94804

Their adoption process

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House Rabbit Society requires that all rabbits be indoors, that the primary caretaker be an adult, that all rabbits be spayed and neutered, and that an adoption fee be paid. Adopters must fill out an application, must watch a short film on rabbit care, and must fill out a contract.

Go meet their pets

You can visit us at House Rabbit Society headquarters Tuesday-Sunday, from 12-5:00.

More about this rescue

House Rabbit Society is an international, volunteer-based organization that helps animal shelters by taking in rabbits, and socializes, spays/neuters, and rehomes them into good homes. We also educate the public on house rabbit care via our website, our publications, and classes and handouts.