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My name is Linus!
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Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue
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New Zealand
(When grown) Giant
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Small blue checkmark Purebred
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Linus came to MHRR from Companion Animal Alliance in March 2017. Linus was adopted in April 2017, then returned to us in August 2020 due to his family having worsening allergies/asthma. He is around 5-6 years old now.

Linus is very sweet; loves to be petted while he lays next to you, for short periods at a time, then will retreat to take a nap. Spends much of the day asleep, likes to find different spots to lay out. Loves to eat! Favorite treats are spinach, carrots, cilantro, blueberries, banana, apples, pears and nibble rings (there are others, he’ll try just about any fruit or vegetable), and he also likes Nibble Rings (comes running at bedtime for his midnight snack!). He drinks water from a bowl, not a bottle. Responds to commands, can be easily taught to stay out of certain areas or not mess with certain things. He doesn't care for outdoor time, much rather the indoor life and looking out the window. He is not a fan of loud noises (yelling or TV volume up) or other rabbits in his household. We have also noticed that sometimes he scans with his head, which means he *may* have some vision issues (common in red-eyed white rabbits). He is NOT a fan of being picked up (like most rabbits. This sweet guy is 100% with the litterbox, and very neat and tidy with his habitat. He is friendly & outgoing, but so much that he has jumped a 3' exercise pen to go explore. A blanket on top works well though.

Spay/neuter: 4/10/17 @ Azalea Lakes Vet
Fecal test: negative 8/10/20 @ Azalea Lakes Vet
Last weight: 7.3lbs 12/18/21
Medgene RHDV2 vaccine dates: 11/21/21 & 12/18/21

This pet is fostered in Lafayette, LA.
Pet availability updated daily.
For more information on rabbit care along with our housing/care/bunny proofing recommendations visit our website at
All MHRR rabbits are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and fecal tested/treated for parasites. Adoption fees are $100 for single bunnies or $150 for already-paired rabbits, which includes spay/neuter, microchip & registration, vaccines and fecal-testing/deworming. 
Adoption information and application -
Due to COVID-19 & RHDv (a rabbit-specific virus spread outdoors) we are scheduling adoptions by appointments on Sundays instead of our typical adoption days. Sometimes an alternate date can be arranged.
September 26, 2022, 11:00 pm

Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue

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Wendy Lincoln
Baton Rouge, LA 70816

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MHRR is a foster-based, all volunteer rescue group who takes in and adopts out rabbits and guinea pigs (and occasionally other small pets) in the Baton Rouge LA area and beyond.