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My name is Libra!

Posted over 3 years ago | Updated 1 year ago

Cared for by Focus on Ferals

My basic info

Domestic Shorthair
Black & White or Tuxedo
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My details

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My story

Here's what the humans have to say about me:

Libra is a stunning tuxedo cat with sparkling green eyes. Her estimated DOB is June 2020.

Much like the zodiac sign she was named after, which is symbolized by scales representing balance and harmony, Libra is what we would call a perfectly balanced cat!

She is equal parts cuddles and independence. She is social cat will greet you when you enter a room. At times, she will demand further pets and settle into your lap. Other times, she is more independent and settles down at a close distance.

She is equal parts energetic and lazy. She can be quite playful, and likes to climb up our mesh door like a spider-cat when she wants attention! But, she also knows the value of a good snooze.

She is equal parts naughty and nice. Libra is an absolute doll and gets along great with the other cats in her room. But she definitely has a naughty side—while she never door dashes, she does always check to make sure the door to her room is latched shut. If it isn’t, she has been known to lead a mutiny, pushing it open and letting all the other cats escape!

As you can tell, we think Libra is just all-around great, and would be a wonderful addition to any home. If you feel like you need more balance in your life, please fill out an application to meet Libra!
All of our cats/kittens are spayed or neutered, tested for FeLV/FIV, vaccinated against Distemper, and treated for fleas and other parasites. If you want to meet a specific kitty, please inquire with us before attending an adoption event, so we can make every effort to have the requested kitties available!
Adoption center is located at 7962 CLYDE PARK SW, BYRON CENTER MI 49315. Our shelter is open by appointment only. Applications must be submitted and approved before appointments will be set. Applications can be completed at Our adoption fee is Kittens through 6 months $125 or 2 for $200; Kitties over 6 months $100 or 2 for $150. Come on out and meet the love of your life!
Focus on Ferals

Contact info

Pet ID
Gina Marvin
7962 Clyde Park SW, Byron Center, MI 49315

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

The adoption fee is kittens through 6 months $125 or 2 for $200
kitties over 6 months $100 or 2 for $150. They come spayed/neutered, tested for FIV and FeLV, wormed, treated for fleas and is up to date on his/her vaccines.

If you are interested in adopting one of our kittens, please CLICK HERE to fill out an Adoption Application. If you have questions you can call 616-826-0927.

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Our adoption center is located at 7962 Clyde Park SW Byron Center. We are open by appointment only once an application has been submitted and approved.

'Our adoption facility houses so many kitties. The rest are in foster homes. If you want to meet a specific kitty, please inquire with us before attending an adoption event, so we can make every effort to have the requested kitties available!

For every kitten that is adopted another kitten will have a chance at a healthy happy life. Kitten season has been especially busy this year and we have been at capacity for some time now. Sadly this means people who want to help the cats and kittens in their area are being turned away because of limited resources.

More about this rescue

Our mission is to improve the lives of feral cats through education and action, following the humane methods of Trap-Neuter-Return, and thus treating every feral cat with the compassion and respect they deserve.

The Humane Answer: Trap-Neuter-Return
If you've ever seen cats in an alleyway eating out of dumpsters, or blending into the wild habitat of a wooded area, and wondered about their condition and how you could help them, read on...

Some of them, having been lost or abandoned, have found their way to a colony where they can survive amongst other felines. But the majority live out their lives as feral, or "wild", cats. Being either born in the wild and never having had human contact, or reverting to a wild state after having been abandoned; the great majority of feral cats cannot be tamed. Generally, attempts at taming or adoption of ferals prove to be fruitless. Our efforts can be realized one-hundred-fold if we do the greatest good for the greatest number of ferals by stopping the cycle of reproduction.

Communities can help these forgotten cats by providing them with food, water, shelter, and spaying/neutering services through the "Trap-Neuter-Return" full management program.

Briefly, TNR consists of the humane trapping, sterilization, and return of feral cats to their familiar habitat to be cared for daily by dedicated volunteers. Kittens under eight weeks and/or tame cats are placed into adoption programs.

For more in-depth information on TNR, please visit our links page to visit the Alley Cat Allies web site or the Feral Friends web site.