My name is Little Sally ADOPTED!!

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Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut - with White
Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less (when grown)
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11/9: Little Sally has gone to her forever home. Thank you to everyone who inquired about or applied for her. She had so many people wanting her!


11/6: Please do not submit any more applications for Sally. We have quite a few. We've contacted one adopter and are waiting to hear about a meet-n-greet. If no response, we will be moving on to the next adopter this weekend. Thank you for your patience. We were inundated with apps for Sally. Adopters with dogs over 20 lbs will not be considered (as stated in her bio but some people ignored it). She continues to ignore or occasionally be afraid of our cat, so litter training is probably not an option. We have started puppy pad training her and also taking her outside to potty. She's ever so solwly starting to gain weight. Initially 4.08 lb, now 4.10 lb. Still quite skinny. Eats well though. She is crate trained now and sleeps through the night in a crate in our bedroom.

IF THE LISTING IS UP, THE DOG IS AVAILABLE. NO NEED TO EMAIL US TO ASK. SUBMIT APPLICATION IF INTERESTED. 11/5: We are working on scheduling a meet-n-greet with the first selected applicant.

Fostered in northeastern PA. Will be ready to meet adopters by November 7. Accepting applications now. We do not adopt a on first/come first served basis. We seek the best match for both dog and adopters. She does shed some. Not housebroken.

Say hello to Little Sally! She was born the first week of April 2020 so will be 7 months old in early November. She only weighs 4.08 lb, but is a little skinny at the moment. Should probably weigh closer to 5 lb and we expect she will max out at no more than 10 lb when she's over a year old. Sally (we've been calling her Little, hence the name Little Sally) came into foster because her owners had moved away and left her behind outdoors and a neighbor took her in. Honestly we're surprised she survived that because she's about the size of a squirrel.

The first photo of her sitting on the blue and white blanket shows her true color. She is ginger red with some white.

This is one sweet little chihuahua. She's social and affectionate, loves toys, is fine with other dogs, and has no problem telling a bigger dog when to back off if they're overwhelming her with play. She's fine with our cat too. She has no preference as to men vs women. She seems to like everyone in her foster home. She is crate trained and sleeps in her crate at night on soft, fuzzy fleece blankets. She prefers to sleep on the bed but when we tried that she had accidents overnight while we were asleep. She likes to cuddle down into fuzzy blankets. She will follow her foster parents around and enjoys home made dog treats broken into pea-sized pieces. She likes to wrestle with  and nibble on your hand. Doesn't mind being picked up and carried but seems to prefer if you do it with one hand/arm instead of trying to cuddle her in both arms.

Sally has been spayed and had her first vaccines but will need two more rounds of puppy vaccinations before she's fully vaccinated. She is 4DX tested negative. Vetting history is provided as part of the adoption paperwork.

Sally is NOT AT ALL housebroken. She is so small that a pee puddle is about a tablespoon or a tad more. We are looking for an adopter who's willing to work on housebreaking and consider paper training or litter box training. If you have a cat, you might be able to convince her to use a litter box. Sally does not like cold or wet weather and will not want to go outside to potty in the winter months, but if you want to work on housebreaking outdoors you might be able to achieve it if leash walking her with a sweater and just stay out there until she potties, repeat every 2 hours until she gets it. On warmer days she'll go out with her foster mom into the fenced yard and potty within a few minutes. She has no clue to let her foster mom know she has to go so when she's inside if we don't get her out every couple of hours, she has accidents indoors.

Adopters please note: Absolutely no children under age 10 and no dogs larger than 20 lb as matches for Sally. 10 lb dogs are a better match than 20. Cats are fine. She ignores our cat. She meshes well with our older, laid back dogs and loves to nap/snuggle with one on a fuzzy blanket inside a dog bed. If you have a fenced yard, the fencing must be VERY secure with no gaps. Sally is TINY and can walk through or crawl under fence gaps and get lost. We won't even let her out on our front deck as we are quite sure she can walk through the deck railings even though they're only a few inches apart.

Open our adoption application to view adoption fee and additional information.

Please submit an application if you'd like to meet Sally. Preference will be given to adopters who are home during the business day or can take her to work with them. Added plus if you are very savvy about positive motivation training for housebreaking.

March 25, 2024, 12:03 am

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