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My name is Beau (was Sox)!

I'm being cared for by
Cat Rescue, Inc
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Facts about me

Gray or Blue (Mostly)
6 years 4 months old, Adult
Pet ID
On MedHold with a Foster
Hair Length

My info

Small red x Not good with dogs
Small blue checkmark Good with cats
Small blue checkmark Shots current
Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered

My story

Happy 2022 Holidays from Beau! My first Christmas tree with my foster.

While my neck and skin lesions have healed, there is still something that causes them to return. As a last resort, I gave blood for two types of allergy tests. Waiting the results as the tests were taken before Christmas.

...and yes, I am still struggling with is less liquid...had so many tests to find its cause...I baffle the specialists!

In the meantime, I am the most loveable a lapsitter...follow my foster around...I am most definitely a people type of feline.


Two updates follow:

*** Update on 21 March *****

Based on the Vet appointment today (21Mar), Beau has been placed on medical hold and removed from the Pet Adoption Center on 21 March.

He will undergo more intensive care of his lesions with increased use of Keto Wipes, a Keto shampoo 2 -3 times a week, along with two medications and a Rx specialty dry and wet food to help minimize his diarrhea. Vet suspects he may have IBD?

In addition to these issues, he has dental disease which was annotated Jan 2021 with his prior owner - no action taken then.

Foster Assessment: Beau is the BEST patient ever! Tolerates everything EXTREMELY well. He appears to be less anxious. He even sat on top of his bed. He remains in a large 48" cage - with plenty of room - in fact the real estate is much larger than the Pet Center cage/room. Due to his treatments and to assess / work with his anxious / anxiety driven behavior, he will remain in the cage with approved supervised outings away from the resident felines. His appetite has improved - both in dry and wet forms. His cage is near the living room area so he has access to the TV and the view of the felines.

****Update 5 April*********

Vet appt 1 April showed a 2 pound weight gain and all raw neck and tummy sores/lesions healed. Skin treatments to continue. Rx food working as diarrhea less, but still persistent. Vet saw roots showing in the upper and lower part of mouth, he may be in pain. Dental surgery (9 extractions +) scheduled for 27 April. After recovering, he will be available for adoption. In the meantime, will continue to work with his shy hiding behavior when not in the cage.

Foster Notes: Beau LOVES attention. A Lap sitter - will stretch out, squirm and curl up for a nap. Loud noises (even a cough) startle this exotic looking feline. He will run away. His favorite spot is under the DR hutch. A behavior we are addressing.


I am a HANDSOME deep gray tuxedo. Classic and Refined I am....and....I have returned for the third time through no fault of my own!

I am a VERY GENTLE SOUL, Mellow, LOVING guy seeking my fourth family and a loving home. Read more below.

Now about the photo array:
#1 - taken 19 April 2022 at my Fosters Home. All my lesions have healed. Resting comfortably.

#2 - taken on 12 March 2022 after some lovin'....ahhh...the real me is showing. I am one Loveable guy.

#3 - taken January 2021 at the Pet Adoption Center before my adoption. This is what I use to look much change in a year as the other photos show.

#4 - taken 12 March 2022. My fur is coated with meds to help the skin lesions heal. I was informed that I developed lesions on my skin from my anxiety and then scratching them. All of this happened during my year of adoption, January 2021.

I LOVE to be petted, held and brushed. But....the brushing near my face and neck may have to be delayed till I finish healing. LOVE that affection and attention.

I start off shy, anxious, and sometimes even nervous, but with just a gentle rub from your hand, I will place my face into your hand and stretch out hoping for more attention. I hide to feel safe. I have been through so much with families and their moves....all the time leaving me behind and surrendering me. Honest, I am a real Charmer. Just be patient and let me feel safe with you....that is all I ask of you.

I get along with cats. Dogs unsure. Kids unsure - perhaps older children?

Loud noises and fast movements scare me and I will hide. Best to be a second cat or can be the only cat provided my human can function as my mate for bonding. I am seeking a support human and a quiet home!

My first Mom adopted me and my Brother (Mittens) when we were 4 months old and after 4 years, surrendered us because she was getting married and the stepson is allergic to cats. We arrived to the Pet Adoption Center on 17 December 2020.

We were adopted together 27 December 2020, but our family was going overseas and only taking Mittens as he had bonded with the family and does not hide. I was returned before they left the country on 21 January 2021 mainly because I was always hiding. When I was with Mittens, he would join me in hiding to comfort me. Now I am alone and without my Brother. I am much better with a comforter - another mellow, non-bully type cat or with a human.

I was then adopted on 24 January 2021 and owner surrendered to a local VA shelter on 11 March 2022. Yep, they had to go cross country unexpectedly...and I was not joining them. The Shelter contacted CRI as I should have been returned to them per the signed contract.....they came and took me from the shelter and I am back to the Pet Adoption Center on 12 March 2022.

Phew...a lot of moves for me ....and...the past year, was not so good for me health wise. I now am in pretty poor condition. I am not even allowing photos ....okay...will show the good sides - but not yet. I also loss a lot of bones show.

I have developed severe facial, neck and under jaw dermatitis. My prior owner declared it was from stress and anxiety, but never cited the source of the stress or anxiety. So I am glad that I am back to the Pet Adoption Center. For the time I was with my last family, they never fed me wet food. Today, my first day back and just a few hours of getting into my room/cage, I am served a plate of wet food! I had three servings - small to medium portions...and licked that plate clean.

Cat Rescue, Inc

Contact info
Pet ID
On MedHold with a Foster
1236 Greenbrier Parkway, CHESAPEAKE, VA 23320

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Our cats are at the Greenbrier Petsmart Adoption Center. During the week call the number on the cage cards and you will be met.


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Cat Rescue Adoption Fee $20 - $100 depending on age.
Proof of home ownership or rental agreement stating pets are allowed is required
Cat Rescue, Inc. will only adopt and animal to persons over 18.
Owner will comply with all Virginia animal license and rabies requirements and will maintain animal in a healthy manner.
Owner will keep this animal as a strictly-indoors pet and not allow him/her to run outside at large in violation of local animal control ordinances.
Owner will accept this cat in his/her current condition and with all of his/her personal faults, Owner will also acknowledge that Cat rescue, Inc. has no further responsibility to owner or any other party for that condition or those faults.
Owner will agree to keep as their pet and in their possession. Your pet will not be given to anyone except back to Cat Rescue, Inc unless permission is granted.
Owner will agree that this cat/kitten will at no time be used in any form of medical experiment or research, or any form of cultural or social ritual or practice in which the animal is in any way harmed or threatened with harm or deprivation of any kind.
Owner will not have the animal declawed.
Owner understands that the cat/kitten has been rescued and his/her complete medical condition and behavioral history is generally not known to Cat Rescue, Inc. Every reasonable effort has been made to ascertain the animals good health, but not every condition or disease can be ruled out. Owner will agree to accept this animal in his/her current state of apparent good health and will assume responsibility for the care and medical treatment of any and all symptoms, illnesses and injuries at any time during which the animal is in owners custody.

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More about this rescue

Established in 1997, Cat Rescue began by trapping, neutering and socializing stray cats at the Norfolk Naval Station.
That progressed to saving felines from kill shelters, vetting and finding them homes. We also assist the community/requestors with Trap Neuter Return.