My name is ANITA!

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Pony - of America
17 years 8 months old, Senior
Large (when grown)
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Anita is a Pony of America who came from northern Missouri with a group of other horses. Her group suffered from severe neglect, which led to their emaciated condition and a multitude of other health problems. Many did not survive. Anita was so weak when she arrived at the ranch that she was unable to stand up without assistance from the staff. She did not gain the strength to stand independently until over two months after her arrival.

Although Anita’s health eventually improved, her disposition was badly damaged. Due to her past experiences, Anita became guarded around new people. She is not a horse that will come to her stall window to greet guests during open house hours, and she does not run up to the fence line when visitors approach with treats. But Anita knows her trusted human friends when she sees them. She immensely enjoys her one-on-one sessions with her favorite people, including our groundwork trainer Laura, who was drawn to Anita from day one. Laura saw the potential that hid within the frightened mare when she first laid eyes on her in Healing Bay. As soon as Anita gained her health back, Laura began working with her on the ground, using her as an example of a true rescue horse for her groundwork team and in her classes.

With time and patience, Anita’s personality began to show. Although timid, she was always eager to learn new skills. Now, she could fill a resume if she wanted to! Some of her special talents include standing on stationary obstacles, bowing, and even `dancing`. She is a fantastic liberty partner once her handler has gained her trust, and she truly enjoys spending time with her favorite individuals.

Our trainer does believe that Anita has had some under-saddle training in the past, but it has likely been a while. Knowing her history and understanding her personality, we believe she would do best as a pasture companion. She is a great pasture buddy with our other horses, and she gets along well with both mares and geldings alike! At times, she can be difficult to catch, but once you bond with this mare, she will be the first at the gate for you every time.

Anita will need a patient, advanced adopter with an equally patient vet and farrier. Our wonderful farrier Tom has spent time gaining Anita`s trust and can now trim her feet. She needs patience when administering oral meds and vaccines but does better with a trusted handler. This horse is not for a novice horse owner. However,
Humane Society of Missouri - Longmeadow

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